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Walden Siew, editor of Investopia, is a 1995 graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.So you're thinking about getting a graduate degree in journalism. In that case -- if you've done your basic reporting -- you're probably getting a lot of contradictory advice.The crusty city editor or beat reporter is probably telling you it's a waste of time. "Graduate degree in journalism! You learn everything on the job," a Chicago Sun-Times reporter growled at me long ago. Thanks for the advice, buddy, but his sentiments came too late. I happened to meet him while on a treasure hunt that Northwestern University assigned to their fresh-faced J-school students to learn about the joys of digging through public records."Look for sc

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Make sure to send a thank you note to everyone who interviewed you.

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7 Tips for Breaking into Top Freelance Outlets

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