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The Alternative to Your Dying Local Paper Is Written By One Person, a Robot, and You

Take a look at Patch, the all-digital local news company you probably stopped paying attention to years ago, when AOL used to own the company. For better or worse, it may represent the future of local news. ...
Source: Peter Kafka, Recode
Posted: Feb 11, 2019

Craigslist Founder Donating $15 Million to Promote Journalism Ethics

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark thinks fake news is a problem—and it’s time for the industry to get on top of it. To tackle the issue, Newmark is donating $15 million to two separate efforts to promote ethics in ...
Source: NATASHA BACH, Fortune
Posted: Feb 06, 2019

Media's Fatal Flaw: Ignoring the Mistakes of Newspapers

Last week's layoffs at BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Gannett landed like consecutive punches. The news signaled a difficult year ahead for an industry already mired in perpetual uncertainty. ...
Source: Jeremy Littau, Wired
Posted: Jan 31, 2019

Fox News Marks 17 Years At No. 1, But MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Beats Sean Hannity

With a first-place finish in January, Fox News Channel has reached an unprecedented milestone: 17 years as the dominant network in cable news. ...
Source: Mark Joyella, Forbes
Posted: Jan 30, 2019

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