Freelance feature writers - sports

Perpetual Sports Network

Phoenix, Arizona

Date Posted November 11, 2022
Industry Digital Media
Specialty Sports/Outdoors
Required Education Bachelor's Degree
Telecommute? Yes
Job Status Freelance
Salary $500-$2,000


Perpetual Sports Network is looking to add to its freelance pool for writers and photographers. We operate two storytelling platforms that focus on the athlete’s journey. Our approach is simple: We want to tell great stories. If you have a strong portfolio and a desire to do your best work time and again, we want to hear from you. 

Long-form feature writers: You can take the reader on a journey by painting a picture with words. Your writing has nuance and depth. It has detail and keen observation. Stories up to 3,000 words that don’t push a reader away; rather they pull them closer to the subject. Writers for this unique style must balance the art of storytelling with a poet’s touch, without being elitist, trivial or condescending. Your clips will show growth and balance in how you approach the subject.

Feature writers: You’re tasked with doing 800-1,200 words, and often this will be done over the phone or Zoom. Because you can’t be there, your job is harder. You’re an expert at preparation, research and formulating questions that reveal. Your writing is efficient, colorful and sharp. You desire more words, but can deliver a complete profile in the space allowed.

Photographers: Experience with action is a must. Understanding the basic tenets of photojournalism is second nature. Your portfolio will show emotion, spontaneity, organic portraiture. Ability to shoot in available light and make it sing. These assignments are “get what you get.” The subjects are busy, and they aren’t interested in a studio session. They will pose if asked, but you will need to work with their personality, while also capturing the person. Bottom line: Your photo package should stand alone as a story. If you need the writer’s words to tie it together, this isn’t the assignment for you.

Please send resume, portfolio and references to

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