Product Director, NABUR

Wick Communications

Tucson, Arizona

Date Posted October 29, 2021
Industry Digital Media, Technology Sector
Specialty Not Specified
Job Status Full-time
Salary Negotiable


About the role

We’re seeking a dynamic Product Director for NABUR — To help lead our audience-focused journalism initiative that encourages healthy online discourse at the community level. We’re looking for someone who commands technology, understands the poetry of platform design architecture, upholds user experience as the key tenet of competitive advantage and exhibits a principled approach of key business methods. 

This role is the first, and key leadership position, of a new technology company that addresses a core element missing from local journalism for years: community member empowerment. 

How we got here...

Two years ago, our 96-year-young family communications company had a thesis: To better serve the community today in an era of tectonic disruption, we needed to better understand how to create and empower more valuable local social connections. 

After being awarded funding from the first North America Google News Initiative Challenge, team members of Wick Communications created NABUR™ (Neighborhood Alliance for Better Understanding and Respect), an online forum you can trust to connect with your community, focus on facts and make a difference. Our forum bridges the gap between local news and social media by inserting a previously missing element: Interactive, quality community journalists who moderate connections.

After 15 months of off-the-shelf prototyping and extensive market research, it’s time to build NABUR into a mobile app-first platform versatile enough to serve multiple audiences while continually iterating for optimal user experience.

Why it matters

During the most divisive time in recent history, it’s evident constructive dialogue and connections are being lost, which are accelerating division within society. 
We believe that by amplifying community voices instead of ignoring them, through fact-based guidelines and journalist moderation embedded in NABUR™, we bring communities one step closer together. This is done at a very local level, through know-how and perspective to residents' questions and thoughts, elevating community connections. 

Make a difference

This role initially is our top technologist, leading our coordination with third party developers and/or internal development resources.

A lot of the groundwork has been completed with a comprehensive technical scope document and thousands of hours of active use cases for reference. 

This platform has significant value for key stakeholders, from each community member to news organizations that produce qualified, professional local journalism. 


We’re looking for someone who has communications skills commensurate with a C-suite exec; one who looks beyond the scope of their own work to secondary and tertiary considerations.

Past experience as a start-up CTO or 5+ years experience as a senior level engineer is desired.

Required is:

Expectations would include:

Why us, why now

Though our roots are set in legacy business, our drive to transform and grow is strong as ever. Wick Communications has been a longstanding provider of professional local news throughout the U.S. Our NABUR initiative is but one opportunity we see in evolving not just our business but being additive to an entire industry. 

The NABUR Product Director will report directly to the Wick CEO and Digital Director. This role will be located in the Tucson, Arizona, market. 

We are an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, national origin, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by application of national, federal, state or local law. 
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