Mentor-Apprentice Program — Editorial Manager (Volunteer to Compensation)

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Date Posted July 24, 2020
Industry Digital Media
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Mentor-Apprentice Program —  Editorial Manager  (Volunteer to Compensation) 

*Note: The following is an opportunity for flexible, part-time, volunteer work. Please DO NOT APPLY if you are only looking for paid employment.*This is a remote-from-home position.

WhoWhatWhy seeks veteran journalists to help run our growing Mentor-Apprentice Program. Qualified applicants should have many years of news editing experience —  and the management and people skills to design and execute the program. Your focus will be on creating a strong curriculum and finding and guiding qualified mentors and trainees, achieving our twin objectives of publishing the work of promising young journalists and grooming a new generation for success in the news business. You must be calm and patient and have a passion for teaching new journalists a strong set of reporting, thinking and writing skills, as well as a love for leading a team of mentors

Check out You’ll quickly see that, besides being a nonprofit news organization, we’re a credible solution to the raging debate over whether the news is “fake” or not,” with agenda-free research and publishing bracingly fresh analysis. Not left-wing, not right-wing, not consensus-seeking. We just want the truth — whatever it is. 

We have thought long and hard about what limits journalism’s ability to effect positive change in the public interest, and we see two factors that dominate the landscape: (1) Commercial entities overly concerned with meeting financial goals and filling “eyeball” quotas — while not straying from the rest of the pack, thereby ensuring a sameness and superficiality to the coverage. (2) Ideologically driven outfits catering to a specific mindset and not daring to reveal things that would upset their readers — or force them to reconsider their values.

If all this resonates with you, and you can commit a minimum of 15 hours a week, working remotely, on your own schedule, with colleagues around the world, we’d like to hear from you. You will be working alongside a strong project manager who will focus on the administrative aspects of running the program. In addition to designing and running the editorial side of the program, you will evaluate applicants to be mentors and apprentices, and you yourself may do some mentoring.





You will work remotely and on your own schedule, and we ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months for at least 10-15  hours a week. Because our staff is spread throughout the world, we rely mostly on a combination of Slack, email, and conference calls, and expect everyone to be highly responsive in a timely manner. 

If you possess a high level of self-motivation, and work well independently —  but also have strong collaboration skills and enjoy the opportunity to partner with like-minded individuals, and can commit quality time per week on a regular basis to help achieve team goals, we’d like to hear from you.

To Apply 

We will not review applications that appear to be mass submissions. To apply, send your resume and a customized cover letter explaining why you're a good fit for this position. If there is no option to attach a cover letter, please send a cover letter to You should confirm your understanding that this is, initially, a volunteer position. Thanks! 

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