Investigative Reporters (Volunteer to Compensation)

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Date Posted July 24, 2020
Industry Digital Media
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Investigative Reporters (Volunteer to Compensation)

Are you relentlessly curious? Do you question things you’re told? When you see an article or a public statement, do you immediately spot holes in the story or angles that cry out for further exploration? Are you good at deep dives into data? Do you like connecting the dots? Are you passionate about digging deeply into a story? Do you have boundless curiosity and a willingness to ask hard questions? Is nothing going to stand in your way when it comes to discovering what is going on beneath the surface, and why?

If the answers are Yes! Yes! Yes!, then we would like to speak with you about our Investigative Reporter position at WhoWhatWhy —  an up-and-coming, bold, creative, fun, friendly, idealistic, and highly motivated news organization producing groundbreaking journalism in the public interest. 

The home of “Controversial, Credible, Courageous” journalism, we are building out what we expect to become one of the best investigative teams anywhere. We have no limits on the topics we’re willing to cover and we will put in as much time and effort as necessary to get to the truth.

As a nonprofit that accepts no advertising and isn’t funded by a zillionaire, we are operating on a tight budget, but we are proud to pay at least modest fees on an article or monthly basis to experienced investigative reporters producing high-impact, exclusive content, with the prospect of more compensation as we grow. 

WhoWhatWhy’s unique model also makes room for those looking to gain experience and develop skills while working initially as volunteers under the guidance of accomplished, veteran journalists. For this, we will consider those who have the potential to be great investigative reporters: people with strong technical backgrounds (in areas such as business/finance, science, environment, technology, politics, policy, education, criminal investigation, library science, etc); who have strong curiosity; who are motivated, learn fast, and would respond well to tutelage. 





You will work remotely and on your own schedule. Because our staff is spread throughout the world, we communicate mostly through Slack and email, and team members are requested to be highly responsive in a timely manner. 

To Apply 

We will not review applications that appear to be mass submissions. To apply, send your resume, published clips, and a customized cover letter explaining why you're a good fit for this position. If there is no option to attach a cover letter, please send a cover letter to

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