Reporter - Gender Health / Prison Health

Research Triangle Area, North Carolina

Date Posted January 09, 2020
Industry Newspapers / Wires, Digital Media
Specialty Health/Science
Required Education Bachelor's Degree
Job Status Not Specified
Salary $34,000 - $37,000


NC Health News fills a gap in the journalism infrastructure in North Carolina.

According to our market research, in 2000, about 20 reporters covered health care in North Carolina. By 2011, that number had decreased to 2 or 3 FTEs. NC Health News launched in January 2012 in response to the disappearance of people to explain this complicated topic. NCHN now employs one editor plus one full-time and six part-time reporters and a development director. We also have a copyeditor who reviews all content (a rarity these days). You will be our second full-time reporter.

In eight years, we’ve become vital to health care coverage in the state, as there are only two other part-time health reporters in our state of 10.3 million who work in mainstream publications. We’ve grown rapidly both via our website and our newsletter and our revenue has grown along with it. Although small and lean, we aim to be around for some time to come!

In this time, we have become the national go-to location for people interested in health care in NC, we’re regularly digested in Kaiser Health News and called/ cited by national outlets for our perspective. We're quickly developing sharing/ syndication networks across the state to increase our reach and your potential exposure. And while we're a “virtual” newsroom, with reporters spread across the state, we have a weekly phone-in via Google Hangout and there’s almost constant communication via phone, text, email, Slack, etc. We’re also establishing a physical office in the Triangle to better accommodate meetings and provide a hub for operations. We're suggesting that you live in this area, to increase your contact with our writers who are clustered here, but really, you could be anywhere in the state.

Our reporters each take on multiple roles, some cover two beats within healthcare, some report and take on an organizational task, such as being the social media guru or the video ninja. This position will cover two beats. We have significant health disparities by race in maternal and infant mortality and in women’s health outcomes in NC, we need someone to explore these issues. We’re also the state that spawned the “bathroom bill” and we realized we needed more coverage of health care in the LGBTQ community. Therefore we are calling  the beat “gender and health,” in recognition that gender issues drive many health care issues.

As we all take on more than one beat, we’ll be pairing this with coverage of prison/ jail health. We’ve done some stories, but they require time: for public records requests, permission to visit inmates, handwritten correspondence to and from inmates, etc. We see this as being a good fit with another beat as it’s a topic area that will require chip, chip, chipping away, with an eye towards keeping public records requests, etc, moving, and only occasional bursts of intense activity. One of our more seasoned reporters has done solid coverage of prison health issues in the past and will be available for guidance on this topic.

The ideal candidate will be an aggressive and meticulous reporter, capable of juggling multiple stories at once. The candidate will be encouraged to pursue their curiosity.

This role is part of the Report for America service program, and the reporter will be a one-year corps member with access to additional training and support. There will be an option for renewing for a second year if it's mutually agreeable. Report for America screens candidates before they are considered by NC Health News, and applicants must go through the program’s application process and indicate their interest in the NC Health News.

The ideal candidate will have: 

This role does not require a degree in journalism, but the applicant must demonstrate an ability to do the job, and have a fundamental understanding of news gathering techniques. A degree will likely give you a leg up.

After the service period, the candidate may be hired as part of NCHN’s regular staff. During your employment with us, you will receive health, dental and vision insurance coverage.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and experiences. We especially encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities. If you could speak Spanish, wow, we'd be ever so interested!

If something in this listing leaves you feeling excluded, but you believe you have what it takes, we're eager to hear from you. 

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