Inside Sales Writer & Curator - 100% REMOTE, San Francisco, California

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Date Posted October 10, 2019
Industry Newsletters, Technology Sector
Specialty Business/Technology
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Inside Sales Writer 

What we want: a sales extraordinaire with deep knowledge, actual sales experience, and a (written) voice that can capture an audience. We need someone who has read the classics (what’s your take on “How to Win Friends and Influence People”?), and who binges on all the modern approaches. If you don’t have strong opinions on CRMs, you need not apply.

What you want: to get paid a steady, part-time (~15-20 hrs/week) income of $20,000/yr. to write about what you love (did we mention that sales is what you love?) and to build a name for yourself and drive industry-wide discussions. All we care about is that you crank out fantastic content 5 days/week -- outside of that, we don’t care if you spend the rest of your time bootstrapping your startup, closing deals, homeschooling your kids, or drinking Pina Coladas in Belize.

How it works: You’ll curate (find, summarize, and link to) the best sales news for our readers (aka sales pros like yourself), using language they understand, on a consistent basis and we’ll pay you for it. You’ll engage with readers, build community, and take ownership over the growth and performance of the newsletter.

Are you a qualified lead?

  1. Do you absolutely love the rush of pitching and closing? Do you dream of email sequences, building an SDR team and optimizing conversion funnels? Are you obsessed with BANT, CTR, SDRs, BOFU and FAB while trying to minimize your NSAs? Have you spent hours on Reddit looking up success stories for conversion pages, CTAs, and endlessly tested button placements?

  2. Are you an exceptional writer who understands how to correctly use commas and punctuation? What’s your take on the Oxford Comma?

  3. If we find your social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn), do they scream ‘I’m a sales pro?’ 

  4. Have you read at least 3 of these 10 books? 

Awesome, now we’re at the decision stage. Are you interested in the work and requirements for this job? 


ABC: Let us be blunt, we want you to join our team and an opening this good won’t last long. Just fill out this quick application and you’ll be in front of our decision-makers (no gatekeepers here). 


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