Editorial Internship

The Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington, District of Columbia

Date Posted July 22, 2019
Industry Newspapers / Wires, Digital Media
Specialty Not Specified
Job Status Intern
Salary $700 a week before taxes
Website https://www.chronicle.com/article/Apply-for-The-Chronicle-s/233782


Are you an early-career or aspiring journalist interested (even just a little) in covering colleges and universities?

If so, you should apply for our spring reporting internship.

Q. Who are we?

A. The Chronicle is the premier source for news about higher education. We’ve been around since 1966, and more than a million people read us online every month. Click these links to see some of the projects we’ve turned out recently.

We’re also an equal-opportunity employer, and one of our top priorities is recruiting and maintaining a diverse staff. 

Q. What would I do as an intern?

A. You’d be a full-time reporter in our newsroom, in Washington, D.C. Simple as that.

Click these links for some examples of our past interns' work.

Q. Is it paid?

A. Yes, you’d make $700 a week before taxes. 

Q. What are the internship’s dates?

A. Roughly from early January to late May.  

Q. How do I apply?

A. Here’s the process. You’ll need to submit four things — in a single PDF, please:

Cover letter

Tell us about yourself and what you’re looking to accomplish through the internship. Perhaps most important, tell us what you can offer, and why you want to bring it to The Chronicle.

And keep it to one page, please.


You probably know what’s in a résumé. Candidates should have some experience in a newsroom, be it college or professional.

Make sure to include your phone number, email address, and mailing address.

Again, one is the magic number of pages. 

Five clips

Send us five examples of what you’re capable of. They can be articles, links to articles, links to videos or multimedia projects, audio projects, or any other kind of reporting project. Specify the publication and the publication date. 

Three references

Include the email addresses and phone numbers of three references. At least two of them should have edited or supervised your journalism. 

Q. What’s the deadline?

A. Send your application (in a single PDF) to internship@chronicle.com by noon, Eastern time, on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.  

Q. What happens then?

1. In September, our intern-selection committee will read every application and pick the most promising 15 to 20 candidates.

2. Roughly a week after the deadline, we’ll give those 15 to 20 people a writing test, to get a sense of how they work under pressure.

3. Considering the applications and the tests, we’ll cut our list down to about eight candidates in late September.

4. In early October, we’ll interview the finalists by phone. In the following days, we’ll make decisions.


Email Vimal Patel at  internship@chronicle.com. And thanks for your interest.

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