Senior Editorial Researcher

Yonkers, New York

Date Posted July 02, 2019
Industry Nonprofit
Specialty Not Specified
Job Status Full-time
Salary Negotiable





For 80 years, Consumer Reports has stood alongside consumers, empowering them with the knowledge they need to make free, informed, confident choices in the face of a complex marketplace. An independent, nonprofit organization, Consumer Reports helps to make the world fairer, safer, and healthier through its rigorous, unrivaled testing and analysis of products and services, groundbreaking investigative reporting on marketplace issues, and by amplifying consumer voices so that they are heard and responded to by manufacturers, regulators, and government leaders.




A cornerstone of our organization, our Editorial Research professionals rigorously check facts for online, print, and video content that have input from many sources of data, outside experts or multiple internal teams, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our content.


This is a short-term position, starting in August and expected to end December, 2019.











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