Project Manager, Bridge Pittsburgh Media Partnership

POINT PARK UNIVERSITY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Date PostedJune 03, 2019
Job StatusFull-time
SalaryNot Specified

Project Manager, Bridge Pittsburgh Media Partnership


DEPARTMENT: Center for Media Innovation

REPORTS TO: Director of Center for Media Innovation


REQUIREMENTS: The Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University seeks a dynamic, outgoing person with experience in journalism and community engagement to serve as project manager for the newly formed Bridge Pittsburgh Media Partnership. This person must be able to network with professional journalists, community residents and young people to build strong coalitions for action. They must be comfortable speaking in front of large crowds and on-camera, and they will preferably have experience in design thinking strategies. The person must be a demonstrated self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, outlook and abilities. The successful candidate must be skilled at communicating with funders to generate future support, while also adhering to a strict budget. In addition, the person must be adept at utilizing various social media platforms.


PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Bridge Pittsburgh project manager will serve as the lead person in charge of building and executing a media collaborative reporting project that involves multiple news outlets across southwestern Pennsylvania and that engages directly with a wide range of residents spanning geographic and demographic categories. This person must help shape the direction of the collaborative reporting project while also carrying out the day-to-day operations of working directly with top editors, producers and reporters at media outlets, organizing meetings and community events, and ensuring that Bridge Pittsburgh faithfully and accurately utilizes grant funding. This will start out as a two-year, grant-funded position, with future years dependent on continued foundation and/or participant support.



  1. Bring together, and manage interactions among, multiple news outlets across various platforms such as TV, radio, the internet and print from across southwestern Pennsylvania. This will include encouraging participation, understanding varying motivations and needs, and solving problems.
  2. Organize events for journalists and the public around themes of media coverage, reporting and dissemination. The project manager will be required to lead these sessions, often engaging in design thinking strategies to generate creative thinking among participants.
  3. Create, oversee and execute the infrastructure for a widespread media collaborative that includes diverse players and that seeks to award large sums of grant dollars for innovative reporting projects. The project manager must be able to solve problems before they occur, and feel just as comfortable working with top-level media executives as with community residents who never have met a journalist.
  4. Travel and coordinate with project managers and leaders of similar media collaboratives around the United States at conferences and at one-on-one training sessions. This person will be required to build and maintain a network of like-minded journalism activists. This also will include bringing expert speakers and trainers to southwestern Pennsylvania for events with Bridge Pittsburgh participants.
  5. Develop relationships with local and national foundations and funding agencies to drive additional resources to maintain and grow the media partnership. This will involve generating reports that measure and demonstrate impact, communicating with funders through informal conversations and formal presentations, and seeking new sources of support. The project manager also will be responsible for thinking creatively about generating new revenues.
  6. Work closely with students at Point Park University, other post-secondary institutions and high schools to encourage engagement and to prepare future generations of journalists. This will include speaking to school groups and actively seeking their participation in the media partnership.
  7. Generate high-quality reports that measure impacts and that demonstrate program successes via the internet, photographs and videos, and printed documentation. The project manager will be responsible for maintaining and generating content for the website and for overseeing the collaborative's social media outlets. In addition, the person will be required to generate regular written reports with updates on the media partnership's activities.
  8. Integrate closely with the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University to support the Center's programming and activities, and to serve as a team-player for events and projects both directly related to Bridge Pittsburgh and not.
  9. Perform other related duties as assigned.


Qualified applicants should forward a cover letter and resume via email to (preferred) or mail to:

Point Park University
Human Resources Office
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


When responding via email please reference – PROJECT MANAGER - in the subject line.

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Point Park University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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