Author's Assistant Needed: Help Me Write and Publish a Nonfiction Book in 21 Days

Date PostedMarch 19, 2019
Job StatusTemporary
SalaryNot Specified

Experienced, professional author has a chance to write a manuscript for a short nonfiction ebook (about 30,000 to 40,000 words) in 10 days. Yes, that's absurdly fast. Full publication, live on Amazon and elsewhere, in 21 days. And I need an assistant to help me do it.

Pay is $22/hour. You can work remotely, but you have to be available and reliable. I’ll probably need between 30 and 60 hours over the 10 days until the manuscript is done, and then some additional hours up through publication and afterward.

Desired qualifications:

* Available between now and the end of April.
* 100 percent reliabie & trustworthy
* Fantastic personality and attitude.
* Excellent writing and editing ability.
* Experience interviewing, especially phone interviews.
* Experience in publishing (especially ebooks).
* Interest in learning how to write and publish a nonfiction book very quickly.

This job is part interviewer, part writer, part editor, part administrative assistant, part project manager. Basically this is a hard job to do this quickly, with a lot of tasks. I need someone who can help with many different parts of it.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday March 21 (11:59 pm Eastern). All answers are required. (Application is here:

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