Streetsblog, New York, New York

Date PostedMay 10, 2019
IndustryDigital Media
SpecialtyLocal News
Job StatusFull-time
Salary$50,000 to $55,000

StreetsblogNYC, New York City's most important transit-, cycling- and pedestrian-advocacy site, needs a hard-working reporter to cover the full range of transportation issues in this vibrant world capital, including, but not limited to, the MTA, the city and state Department of Transportation, the bus network, commuter rail, bike lanes, pedestrian safety, Vision Zero and, no less important, basic city politics. 

The ideal candidate is someone who is obsessed with urban design (what's with those bizarre speed humps on Staten Island?), transportation equity (why isn't Fair Fares living up to its name?), political game-playing (why do some politicians protect the interests of the car-owning minority rather than the majority of us who need better transit?), and devouring RFP or ULURP documents (and if you need to know what those terms mean, maybe this isn't the job for you).

In short, if you think of free parking as "on-street car storage," you've already earned yourself an interview for the job.

But think about this issue before you apply: Streetsblog Editor Gersh Kuntzman values and publishes journalism in its truest, objective form. But Streetsblog is, and always will be, a site that advocates for public transit, cycling and walking. This is a reporting position, first and foremost, but our job is to make the case for livable streets and to advocate for the majority of New Yorkers who are oppressed by poor transit and design that favors cars over people.

One more caveat: Streetsblog is eager to hire a journalist who will broaden our coverage geographically, racially, culturally, demographically and even modally. Please emphasize your specific abilities to do that in your cover letter.

Please send all resumes and clips to with the subject line, "Reporter job."

Thank you.

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