Breaking News Reporter

Washington Examiner, Washington, District of Columbia

Date PostedDecember 07, 2017
IndustriesNewspapers / Wires, Magazines / Publishing
Job StatusNot Specified
SalaryNot Specified


The Washington Examiner wishes to employ a breaking news reporter to work in its news room. The job involves identifying important news as it breaks and writing compelling accurate copy quickly for immediate online publication. Washington Examiner has a team of breaking news reporters directed by a Breaking News editor, and their joint responsibility is to make sure as many interesting stories as possible are posted on the website, and nothing important is missed. The person who wins this job will be on that team. The job is for someone who likes to work flat out all day (or into the evenings), someone with a voracious appetite for bylines, someone who sees news in out-of-the-way places as well as in the broad stream of Washington politics. It is not for a beginner, and not for someone whose pace has slackened or whose interests have narrowed to a specialization. It's for someone who loves fast-paced news of all different kinds and wants to seize an opportunity to write it for a rapidly growing news organization. To apply, email and put BREAKING NEWS REPORTER in the subject line. 

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