Ambitious Business Reporters & Editors Needed

American Business Media

West Hartford, Connecticut

Date Posted December 29, 2021
Industry Magazines / Publishing, Trade Publications
Specialty Other
Job Status Full-time
Salary $50,000 - $60,000 plus bonuses


Strong business journalism is being re-invented in the Northeast. American Business Media -- publishers of National Mortgage Professional magazine, Banking Northeast, Mortgage Women Magazine and more -- are looking for newsroom personnel who are committed to both tradition and innovation.

Here's the traditional stuff:

You believe in news: That means you believe in bringing readers something they don't know.

You want to be first: That means you've got a sense of urgency, wanting to be sure readers get their news as quickly as possible.

You're competitive: You get ulcers from thinking about any other outlet beating you on a story.

You know there are two brands, the magazine's and yours: That means you recognize that the publication must build a brand of credibility, quality and thoroughness. That happens when you insist that your own work mirrors those values.


Here's the innovative area:

You know that publications have let people down, and that readers want more from their magazines. That doesn't mean more stories about routine crap. That means thinking creatively about what readers really want to know. It means getting the backoffice stories at the deals, and the backdoor political moves from the players who know the plan.

You know that digital delivery is important. But you recognize that the delivery medium is less important than the quality of the content. So you're willing to be creative in bringing about content that people really care about.

You think news organizations ought to rethink their structure from top to bottom. Because the old ways of doing the same old thing aren't working. And you get excited about the possibility of being one of the people who bring about a new, and successful, approach.

We'll be frank: no one's going to get rich working in the journalism environment we're creating. But no one's going to starve, either. We offer good compensation. More importantly, we're offering a chance for you to do more with your skills than just regurgitate what everyone else said at another boring meeting.

Our niche is business journalism.... Hold on, wake up!.... We're not writing technical jargon, or unbelievably dull reports. We need writers who know that when a lot of money is involved, a lot of drama is, too. You think: I got into journalism so I wouldn't have to deal with business. So here's the prep you need to know. Business is when you buy something, and you sell it for more. Really successful business is when you figurately knife the guy who's trying to undercut you. If you can't wrap your head around that, you're right, this isn't for you. But if you can understand that every great political story has to do with money, that every tale of success rests on the unstable foundation of Ego, and that con artists and criminals often masquerade as elite financial leaders, well...have we got stuff for you to write about. You can see a lot of our work at

If you're interested, we'd like to hear from you, too. So here's your first chance to show what you can do. Don't just send your resume and a link to your clips. Add to those a cover letter that tells us your thoughts about the Next Great Magazine. Tell us what you want to do, why you're the journalist who understands what will excite, entice and enrage readers. Tell us a good story.

Respond to Vincent M. Valvo. Send your cover letter and resume to Our Headquarters for World Domination is in greater Hartford, Conn. That's where your desk will be, if you're looking for a full-time job. Yup, this is a job with a physical location that's not your kitchen. We believe in flexible WFH options, but we're also Apostles of the Desk Drive-by Brainstorm. At least we've got our own cappuccino machine, lattes!

We offer company-paid health plans, retirement plans with a company contribution, both performance and profit-sharing bonuses, half-day Fridays (and Friday's off from Memorial Day to Labor Day), Uber-on-Us, and a workplace that treats you like a responsible adult (as long as you act like one.) Our employees earned an average bonus last year of approximately $15,000, on top of base salary.

(If you want to freelance, that's fine, too....but come with ideas.) 


When applying, mention you saw this opening listed at