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September 30, 2014
The landscape for media ownership has changed dramatically in the past few years. Most newspapers and TV and radio stations are now owned by major corporations. Below are links to most of these companies, with a list of the properties they own.  

A selected list of articles about media ownership
from Columbia Journalism Review.

March/April 2003
The Evolution of Dean Singleton -- By Scott Sherman. News in Mormon Country -- By Michael Scherer. Power Shift -- By Neil Hickey

January/February 2003
The Silence of the Lambs -- Editorial

November/December 2002
Time Inc.'s AOL Problem -- By Neil Hickey. Rupert Murdoch -- By Diana B. Henriques

September/October 2002
Clout -- By Neil Hickey. Washington Post: Growing the Company -- By Michael Scherer

July/August 2002
Journalists on the Boards -- Geneva Overholser. Media Ownership: 20/20 Hindsight -- By Mark Crispin Miller

May/June 2002
Media Monopoly Q&A -- By Neil Hickey. How Network News Outsmarted Itself -- By Jeff Gralnick. Murrow Said It All In 1958 -- By Lawrence K. Grossman

March/April 2002
Currents: A Chill in Canada -- By Aaron Moore

January/February 2002
When Boom Went Bust at The Industry Standard -- By Todd Woody.
Wanted: A New Breed of Media CEOs with Old Fashioned Values -- By Lawrence K. Grossman
Static from Clear Channel -- By Chris Nolter
Can Bloomberg Cover Bloomberg? -- By Jane Gottlieb

September/October 2001
A Hard Look at Public Ownership and Ideas for Damage Control -- By Geneva Overholser

July/August 2001
AOL Time Warner Spells Big -- By Frank Houston
CNN After the Merger -- By Neil Hickey
Unshackling Big Media -- By Neil Hickey
Our Nose for News Fails Us When the Smell is Close to Home -- By Geneva Overholser

May/June 2001
Profit Pressures: A Question of Margins -- By David Laventhol
In Their Own Words: The Harris Resignation -- Various Authors
Whiplash: What High Margins mean in the Trenches -- By Ariel Hart

March/April 2001
Manhattan Mindset -- By Brent Cunningham
Why New York Could Rule New Media -- By Donna Ladd
Voices: There's No Business Like Your Own Newspaper's Business -- By Geneva Overholser