Sarah Ellison Joins The Washington Post as a Media Reporter

Ellison, currently a writer for Vanity Fair magazine, will join The Post in January as a staff writer covering media and its intersection with politics, culture and technology. She joins media reporters Margaret Sullivan and Paul Farhi. ...
Source: Liz Seymour, Washington Post
Posted: Nov 16, 2017

Should Journalists Carry Narcan? For Some in Philadelphia, the Answer Is Yes.

The increase in opioid-related news coverage in Philadelphia has revived an ethical debate about when journalists should help and when they should report. ...
Source: Jillian Bauer-Reese, CJR
Posted: Nov 15, 2017

LA Times Journalists Told Not to Retweet Story on Disney

Many newsroom staffers interpreted editor Lewis D’Vorkin’s instructions as an attempt to keep attention away from a series displeasing to a powerful company that is one of the newspaper’s advertisers. ...
Source: Sydney Ember, NYTIMES
Posted: Nov 14, 2017

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ESPN launches SportsCenter on Snapchat

ESPN is replacing its Publisher Story on Snapchat, which used to feature more magazine-like content, with a fast-paced SportsCenter show on Snapchat's featured content platform, Discover. ...
Source: Sara Fischer, Axios
Posted: Nov 14, 2017

Advertisers Cut Ties With Hannity After Moore Coverage

At least five companies said over the weekend that they will no longer advertise their products during Fox News' "Hannity." Fans of the show and its host criticized the brands for taking a political stance. ...
Source: Sarah Whitten, CNBC
Posted: Nov 13, 2017

Facebook's Factcheckers Say Effort is Failing

The fact checkers, who currently work for independent news organizations, said their work has created a conflict of interest, thereby making it harder for their news outlets to scrutinize and criticize Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation. ...
Source: Sam Levin,
Posted: Nov 13, 2017

Gawker Wrote About Sexual Misconduct Allegations Years Earlier

A cascade of scandals involving sexual harassment has followed revelations involving Harvey Weinstein. Many share a common thread: they were first reported by the now defunct gossip news site Gawker. ...
Posted: Nov 13, 2017

Chuck Todd Sees ‘Meet the Press’ As an Escape From the ‘Madness’

The Sunday show staple, which turned 70 this week, tries to remain relevant amid the political news churn and distrust of the press. Todd said viewers look to the show “almost as a way to explain the madness ...
Posted: Nov 10, 2017

Cheap Tricks: The Low Cost of Internet Harassment

ProPublica reporter Julia Angwin details how hackers sent her and two colleagues email bombs and Twitter bots. "It’s clever jujitsu that turns one of the hallmarks of spam prevention — the confirmation email — into a spam generator," ...
Posted: Nov 10, 2017

Sean Parker: ‘God Only Knows What [Facebook Is] Doing to Our Children’s Brains’

The former president of Facebook says the social media giant is exploiting human psychology on purpose to keep users hooked on a social-validation feedback loop. "It literally changes your relationship with society," he said. ...
Source: Ellie Silverman, Washington Post
Posted: Nov 09, 2017

Twitter Halts All Verifications After Verifying Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Rally Organizer

Users were angry that Twitter verified Jason Kessler, an organizer of the August neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville. Twitter is now suspending its verification procedures while the company figures out what to do. ...
Source: Matt Novak, Gizmodo
Posted: Nov 09, 2017

Washington Post Surprises Reddit Users With Its Non-Promotional Presence

Washington Post social media editor Gene Park has made a significant effort to bring WaPo journalists onto Reddit to demystify the reporting process and participate in conversations without motive. ...
Source: SHAN WANG, NiemanLab
Posted: Nov 08, 2017