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September 23, 2014

Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career This Summer!

Class Starts June 27

Title: Freelance Pitching and Writing

Class: and veteran freelancer Eric Butterman present a 5-week online course on freelance pitching and writing. Learn how to write the best email pitches possible, be good on the phone and actually sell articles. Multiple students in Butterman's class have sold stories for $3,000 before the course was over and credit it with helping them land jobs at top publishing companies such as Hearst and Bonnier.

About the Instructor: Eric Butterman has been an editor on staff at Folio: and Travel Agent magazine, and has written for Glamour, Men's Fitness and countless other titles.

How It Happens: A weekly lecture is e-mailed to participants at the start of the week, followed by a one-hour online chat room that Tuesday evening, from 8-9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Duration: Every Wednesday between June 27th and July 25th.

Cost: $185

To sign up, you need to pay upfront by credit card or PayPal. To pay by credit card, go to: and enter "Freelance Class -- June 27" in the field that says Invoice Number.
For PayPal, use this PayPal link.

If you have a question, send an email to:

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