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Company: Visitors Publishing, LLC
Seeking funny, caustic, wit...
New York
Job Status:  Freelance
Ad Expires: 
August 1, 2013
Job ID: 1505799



Welcome to, a new and upcoming news/media/celebrity website that is looking for raunchy, well-written essays critiquing the lives (and behaviors) of public figures (please note that the site is not yet live).


We are looking for reporters who can generate funny, incisive, content that is:


1. Sexy, bold, witty, caustic, heartfelt, and above all: accurate (no made-up stuff or "just because I say so.")

2. Specifies what a particular celebrity, public figure, or in some cases, group, has done to deserve it (it's not that you just don't like them).

3. 100% written by you and you alone.


If you feel you would be a good fit for our organization, please submit a 200+ word sample. Your sample must be specific to some celebrity or public figure and not just a general sample of your writing, unless by some coincidence you already write this sort of thing. Please do not just send us a resume and/or unrelated samples.


Details concerning privacy, ownership, and more will be provided upon request.


Pay will be commensurate with quality and experience.


Visitors Publishing, LLC





What is Obloquy?


Obloquy is all about providing readers with the wildest criticism of those public figures who so richly deserve it. Submissions should be targeted at a well-known individual (or group) whom you feel has engaged in behavior which you find inexcusable or just plain stupid.


Who should I write about?


Please limit yourself to public individuals (people in the news) only. As much as we would love to read about how badly your mother-in-law treated you last summer, save that for another time. Examples might include: Donald Trump, Fred Phelps, Anne Hathaway, Justin Bieber, Bernie Madoff, etc. Politicians, musicians, actors, writers--anyone in the public eye is legal tender for your justifiable outrage.


What should I write?


Content should have less to do with appearance and more to do with what that individual or group has done to deserve it. We are looking for thoughtful, well-written criticism, not hate speech. We will not accept anything relating to or promoting violence, racism, pornography, spam, or that strays from the central premise of your argument (no sidebars, please.)


Don't be afraid to write something especially bold or hard-hitting if it is your sincere opinion. The dirtier the better. And don't worry, we will never share your identity or email address with anyone unless otherwise specified by you.


What should I do now?


Go ahead, let 'em have it!

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