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Company: ECT News Network
Editorial Department Internship – U.S. Remote
United States
Job Status:  Temporary
Ad Expires: 
May 30, 2013
Job ID: 1489174



ECT News Network Editorial Department Internship – U.S. Remote

The ideal candidate for an editorial internship with ECT News Network is a recent college graduate with a journalism degree and some experience reporting or editing for an online publication.

Following are characteristics of the internship candidate most likely to succeed:

  • genuine interest in technology and related business topics;
  • knowledge of AP style;
  • tech-savviness -- high level of comfort with a variety of consumer-oriented tech including PCs, smartphones, tablets, apps, digital cameras, auto navigation tools and home entertainment systems;
  • familiarity with all of the major social networks -- i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ -- as well as a variety of other high-profile websites, such as Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr, to name a few;
  • adeptness at Internet research; the ability to discriminate between high-value and low-value sources;
  • the ability to think critically and creatively;
  • an eye for detail;
  • excellent time-management skills;
  • the ability to work fast -- and accurately -- under deadline pressure;
  • excellent communications skills; 
  • an open, collaborative attitude; and
  • a strong work ethic.

Phase 1

12 hours per week for four weeks

The first phase of this internship will entail immersion in technology news. The intern will be required to do a great deal of reading with the goal of becoming current on a broad variety of topics. There will be some general direction with respect to reading requirements, but the intern will be expected to ferret out the most important/interesting tech news without specific guidance. The intern should devote at least one hour per day to reading tech news, and submit a journal entry of reactions and responses to articles read for each stint.

During Phase 1, the intern will receive guidance in selecting news stories for coverage and crafting written assignment prompts for reporters.

Phase 1 of the internship is unpaid.

Phase 2

12 hours per week for four weeks

The second phase of this internship entails continued reading and absorption of daily tech news, selection of stories to cover, and development of assignment prompts.

In addition, the intern will receive training in evaluating reporters' submissions, requesting expansion or clarification, and doing independent fact-checking.

The intern will also receive training in editing submissions for proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style and flow.

During Phase 2, the intern will receive a stipend of $100 per week.

Phase 3

12 hours per week for four weeks

During Phase 3, the intern will continue to engage in all of the activities of Phases 1 and 2. In addition, the intern will be trained in crafting headlines, writing teasers, and searching for images to accompany news stories.

The intern will be trained in developing feature ideas and crafting feature assignment prompts.

The intern will be trained in editing features, product reviews, opinion columns and contributed content.

During Phase 3, the intern will receive a stipend of $150 per week.

The editorial internship will officially end at the conclusion of Phase 3. An intern who has demonstrated exceptional capability may be invited to join ECT News Network's team as a freelance editor, with compensation and workload to be determined.

ECT News Network freelance editors will be considered first for full-time editorial staff positions when openings occur.

About Us

ECT News Network is the publisher of some of the best-known e-business and technology news publications on the Internet:

The E-Commerce Times, launched in 1998, covers a broad range of tech business topics including e-commerce, social media, the mobile explosion, tech business deals, legal controversies, enterprise IT, e-marketing and small business issues. The E-Commerce Times is known worldwide and is one of the most widely read and respected online tech news publications.

TechNewsWorld covers the most important, latest-breaking news about computing, gadgets and gizmos, including mobile and social trends. Areas of focus include cutting-edge hardware and software, cybersecurity, IT management, scientific advances, gaming and online entertainment.

CRM Buyer is the premier Internet publication on customer relationship management and related enterprise software applications. CRM Buyer provides executives and business decision makers at the small, mid-size and enterprise levels with the information and resources they need to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

LinuxInsider charts the trajectory of Linux-based technologies and the FOSS (free and open source software) movement for an audience of developers, system administrators, business executives and novice open source users.

MacNewsWorld delivers news, reviews and analysis affecting the Apple ecosystem, including product announcements, app reviews and business reports.

For more insight into these publications, please visit

How to Apply

Email your resume and salary history to with a subject line message that includes your full name and the phrase "Editorial Intern Candidate." Please include your entire resume in the body of the email.



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