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Reporters Wanted!
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Job Status:  Freelance
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May 12, 2013
Job ID: 1483414


It's a brave new world out there, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.  The legacy media cartel is dying by the trillions of digital papercuts the Internet is delivering year-in and year-out.  Look at where the ball is going, not where it is.

Today, people everywhere on earth enjoy unprecedented freedom to interact with as wide of an audience that will listen.  This message isn't for all of the old-dogs with a career behind them, it's for the enterprising person looking to make a bet on the future of media.

nwzPaper is a cutting-edge geospatially-driven content management system that organizes content, horizontally, for over 3.1 million local markets and, vertically, for personalized local, national and global editions.  We're six months into the open beta and over 500 people from over 40 countries have joined to participate in building the NEW journalism.

nwzPaper costs you nothing and is the beginning of something big.  For once, why not get in early?


Daniel and David McReavy

"Dear Journalists, Ex-Journalists and Future Journalists"


"Will People Pay For News?" - hint: "yes"

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