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Company: Mischa Communications, Inc.
Wanted: Marketing Visionaries, Advertising Aficionados & Creative Web/Design Gurus
Job Status:  Freelance
Ad Expires: 
January 15, 2014
Job ID: 1476966


Small business owners are some of the coolest people on the planet. Courageous, tenacious and inspirational, they reinvent the future, each and every day. 

We started Mischa Communications, Inc. to help small businesses tell their stories and connect with and inspire their customers. With quirky copy, gripping graphics, and brilliant marketing ideas, we bring Madison Avenue-level creativity to Main Street's entrepreneurs.

Mischa Communications wants to build lasting relationships with experienced freelance PR and avertising aficionados, talented copywriters, web developers (especially CSS smarties) and marketing experts. People who share our passion for helping entrepreneurs reveal, adapt and inspire their businesses.

Join the Mischa team!

Freelancing – it's a tough gig. Finding clients. Dealing with clients. Riding the highs and surviving the lows. We know. We've done it. Our company was built on a foundation of hard-fought freelance work. So, when we say that we want to build lasting relationships with talented freelancers, we actually mean it!

Why should you work with us? Well, in addition to being a totally quirky, cool and awesome company, Mischa is obsessed with innovative businesses, visionary entrepreneurs and amazing customer service. This means three important things for our freelancers: 

  • You have access to a steady stream of fresh, diverse projects.
  • You help shape the companies that will be tomorrow’s trendsetters.
  • Our killer customer service team – one that our clients love! – has your back.

We take the headaches and heartbreaks out of freelancing, so you can focus on doing what you love: creating brilliant work! 

Are you Mischa material?

Join us because you believe that a better tomorrow already exists in the minds of the world’s entrepreneurs. Join us because you want to help bring their ideas to life, to animate innovation and inspire the world. Join us because you cringe at missed opportunities and boring, stale graphics. Join us because you’re willing to work you @*s off, create amazing stuff, collaborate with inspired people and help small businesses shine.

You might be Mischa material if you have:

  • At least two years of freelance or relevant industry experience.
  • A portfolio of inspirational articles/web content, advertising, PR, marketing, web development or branding projects.
  • Experience with client-facing engagements.
  • Relevant education and/or certifications, especially if you’re a techie. (This is preferred, but not mandatory.)

Interested freelancers should creatively interpret this request and tell us why you're Mischa material. Applying for a marketing gig? Don't send a cover. Instead, rewrite this job ad and show us how you'd pitch Mischa to potential hires. All applicants need to send a resume, three to five work samples, and a proposed rate structure (seriously, we need to know how much your mad skills cost) to

To learn more about Mischa Communications, our crazy chameleon and our mission to help small businesses, check us out at


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