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Writers for the Future of News
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June 11, 2013
Job ID: 1475089


nwzPaper is looking for enterprising writers to define the future of news and journalism.  The legacy model of publishing has not been able to support journalism on the Internet and we are building a self-sustaining geospatial information system to power direct subscription between you and your readers.  We are six months deep into open beta testing of the geospatial informaion system and look forward to building the community or writers, readers and subscriber one at a time!

At the end of the day, everyone is looking to get paid, right?  nwzPaper is an information platform and we are not publishers, so your work will be as much or as little as you decide!  That doesn't mean we haven't thought about the economics of new journalism.  If you're interested in new journalism, here are a few articles and links for you to familiarize yourself with our vision:

"Will People Pay For News?" - Yes, we are familiar with Betteridge's "law" of headlines.  ;)

"Say your words!"

"What makes news so special?"

The Social Contract

Pubilishing Profile Setup


See you soon!

Daniel and David McReavy

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