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Company: OZY Media
Wanted: Smart Stories From Around the World
Mountain View, California
Job Status:  Not Specified
Salary:  Not Specified


Write for a publication that's global and ahead of the curve: OZY, a new digital magazine co-founded by former CNN and MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson, is looking for experienced journalists and terrific storytellers to profile rising stars, interesting provocateurs and powerful new trends from around the world. We take a first look at politics, sports, business and culture, which we combine with beautiful photographic displays. Core to OZY is the promise to keep ahead of the curve -- meaning we neither aggregate nor regurgitate stories that have already appeared in the NYT, Economist, Guardian or other large mainstream outlets. Instead, we tell our readers about the "new and the next" trends, technology, people and places that have not hit the big screen just yet. 


More about OZY: We are a small but plucky band of former Economist, WSJ, Vice and CNN writers and analysts helping to reimagine intelligent journalism. Named after the Percy Shelley poem 'Ozymandias,' OZY is about thinking big, but being humble. In less than a year, OZY has attracted a global readership of more than 20 million people. Our stories and writers regularly appear on CNN, NPR and the USA Today thanks to our partnerships with those organizations.  Check out some coverage of OZY in NYTFortune and Re/Code.


Dollars:  We know that online journalism pays little, when it pays at all. We are trying hard to help buck that trend. We pay for every piece, whether from a full-time writer or a novice freelancer. Working with us means working with experienced editors who care about your work and want to make global digital storytelling a reality. Our fees are highest for consistent, high-quality contributions-- up to  $600 for 900-word lead stories and $300 for shorter pieces. 


Interested? Please take a look at our site -- especially our Rising Star and Fast Forward sections—and get a solid sense of what we’re doing. Then, if you’re interested, send a few thoughtful pitches to us at [freelance AT ozy DOT com].  











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