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Company: NewMediaRockstars
Writers needed. Must be brilliant.
Los Angeles, California
Job Status:  Full-time
Salary:  Negotiable


How good are you at being AWESOME?

If you even hesitated for a moment, you need not apply. NewMediaRockstars, an established magazine on the YouTube and social media scene, needs someone AWESOME to come work for them in Los Angeles.

Now here’s the catch: You also have to know how to WRITE REALLY WELL, be able to work EFFICIENTLY, and be familiar with YOUTUBE & VINE. You don’t have to be an expert, but should at least know your PewDiePie from your Jenna Marbles. But you most certainly need to be able to write good, punchy and interesting content. We want stuff with style and an edge … have an opinion, dammit! The expertise with YouTube will come, we promise.

We don’t simply want news writers, we want dreamers and analysts -- people who move fast and can attempt to predict the future of online trends. Also, please be smart. If you think Chaucer is something cats drink milk out of, keep moving. If you’re still reading, this really should sound like your dream job.       

And here’s the thing: it gets better.

But you won’t know how until you send us your resume and a couple of writing samples. Also, write “I’m Awesome” in the email subject line to prove to us that you are detail-oriented. We prefer a college degree and that you have previously published articles because it shows you can jump through society’s hoops, but again, if you are an AWESOME person who can write AMAZING and CAPTIVATING ARTICLES -- we look forward to hearing from you.

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