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Company: BringMeTheNews
Seeking Innovative Journalists
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Job Status:  Full-time
Salary:  Not Specified


Who we are: 

BringMeTheNews is a leader in digital news. Our experienced journalists filter through hundreds of traditional (and non-traditional) news sources and social platforms to bring consumers the most relevant, vetted, balanced news stories and then distribute them online and on the airwaves. 

In its 5th year, BringMeTheNews is experiencing a major growth spurt. We're seeking innovative, agile journalists who are passionate about traditional storytelling but understand the need for a modern distribution model. 



We are seeking producers to conceptualize, develop and publish health stories for BringMeTheNews consistent with established editorial and stylistic standards. Producers are responsible for working with the Executive Producer and Editor in Chief to envision, create and deliver news within defined quality standards.




§  Reviews a constant stream of online health news and information sources and applies an editorial process to curate content selection.

§  Proactively participates in, and contributes to, editorial discussions.

§  Writes accurate, timely, engaging summaries of health news for a variety of platforms, including, but not limited to, website and social media channels.

§  Incorporates traditional and nontraditional sources into stories, including, but not limited to, Tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos.

§  Effectively communicates and facilitates the flow of information between Executive Producer, Editor In Chief and other producers.

§  Strategically engages in social media conversation on behalf of the organization on various social media channels.

§  Complies with all department policies and guidelines.

§  Identifies opportunities for continuous improvement of internal news producing processes and procedures.

§  Takes ownership of individual successes and stumbles.

§  Shows agility when new or different scenarios surface.

§  Upholds the highest ethical standards with our consumers, sponsors and co-workers.

§  Demonstrates a passion for empowering consumers to better manage their health.




§  Min. 4-year university degree 

§  Experience covering health care news

§  Internet publishing experience

§  Understanding of the news cycle

§  Experience conducting research

§  Ability to identify relevant content and sources

§  Strong written and verbal communication skills

§  Excellent time management skills

§  Ability to manage multiple projects


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