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November 21, 2017
Date Posted November 02, 2017
Industries Magazines / Publishing, Digital Media
Location Berkeley, California
Job Status Freelance
Salary $30-$40/hour
Website http://www.omgyes.com/about


We're seeking a team of freelance writers to write periodic articles for our site's blog about openness and sexual pleasure. There will be lots of ongoing work for the right candidates.

WHO WE ARE: OMGYES is a research company that conducts large-scale, nationally representative studies about sexual pleasure - and turns the findings into both published journal articles for clinicians/academics and refreshingly honest, evidence-based video content for everyone else.

OUR MISSION: getting as many humans as possible curious and excited to personally explore new science and knowledge about women’s sexual pleasure, and to be more open with themselves and their partners about that curiosity. Our study, conducted in partnership with Indiana University/Kinsey Institute researchers, shows that people who are always open to learning/exploring how to make sex more pleasurable are 5x more likely to be happier in their relationships and 12x more likely to be sexually satisfied.  OMGYES.com is filled with videos of regular women being so open and frank and honest that it's contagious. We want a lightbulb to go on within the user as they realize this kind of openness may be radical but it's also clearly good for pleasure and relationships.

This mission is made difficult by three KEY CHALLENGES:

1. People like to think they already know enough (or everything!) about sex. And they actively resist the idea that there are other ways that could be better because it implies they're not doing things 'well' now. The antidote to this is someone being vulnerable and honest and admitting that they don't know it all / had things to learn.

2. Abstractdiscussion is a much more comfortable way for most people to think and speak about sexual pleasure, so it’s easy to slip into that mode. But abstracted discussion doesn't actually impact people's own, awkward,real-person, in-bed-touching-a-partner self.  This writing job is about avoiding that temptation - and instead, staying rooted in a personal, first-person, relatable voice.  So "I do x / we all do x" not "women do x" or "our culture pressures women to do x."

3. Sex is easier to talk about when framed in terms of problems and 'those poor other people' who have them. Again, when the discussion is framed in, people tend to shut down the part of themselves that thinks about their personal sexual experience, and slip into a more abstract/cultural/intellectual mode.  Therefore we avoid framing in terms of problems and instead frame in terms of ways things can go from good to even better.

So, as you can see, a big part of what makes a successful writer for our company is the ability to be super-empathetic about where the reader is coming from - and super-aware of ways the message can bounce off if it hits the resistances above. Sex is taboo, egos are fragile and, even among sex-positive people, the above tendencies can keep us from actually re-examining ourselves or sparking curiosity even when reading thoughtful articles about sex.

Because this empathy and psychologically sophisticated storytelling is the main quality we're looking for, we've made a writing task about this exact phenomenon:


In addition to your resume/cover letter, please write a short piece- a personal story or short article about the following:

TOPIC: 'Silly Pride' or 'How I'm Getting Over My Silly Pride.'   There's a 'silly pride' around sexuality and sexual pleasure- like we're all supposed to already know EVERYTHING about what we like and what's possible. There's the idea when it comes to sex that either someone's A-OK, has it all figured out, thank you very much,  OR they have problems, need help, don’t know what they like...  This prompts many, upon hearing about OMGyes, a resource with new scientific findings about sexual pleasure, to say, 'my friend who has problems could really benefit from that site.'  Sex and pleasure are some of the only topics where people reflexively believe they already know all there is to know about it. As though there's zero room for improvement... there aren't any more techniques they don't know yet... they're already having maximum possible pleasurable sex... which is absurd. No cook ever says they know EVERYTHING about cooking already - all the recipes. And you don't see a cookbook on someone's shelf and think, 'oh, Jeanine must have a cooking problem.'

The research shows that our pleasure gets better and better with more insight. Like with anything else, we're lifelong learners. The more you know the better it gets. But that pressure to 'already know everything' stunts the process. And our skepticism around all the dubious sex-tip content in glossy magazines out there doesn't help, either. The silly pride stunts the natural curiosity that makes us want to try things. It blocks the thing we're almost... just about to... say in bed with our partners about how it could have been even better.

LENGTH: Don't take more than 2-3 hours - it can even be just a few paragraphs long.

TONE: personal, authentic, as if speaking to a friend at a cafe or bar.  Like the women speaking on OMGyes.com. The voice is not that of an expert or cultural critic. It's a frank, vulnerable, self-deprecating person who has something to lose and bravely puts themselves out there. A great example is this post: https://www.facebook.com/omgyesdotcom/posts/1295174173878280  There's a 'we're all in this together' feeling that sparked hundreds of women to comment below with their own radically honest and vulnerable stories/realizations. That's the tone we're going for.

WHAT MAKES A SUCCESSFUL TEST: gets the reader to smile, to relate to the your honesty/journey/insight about your own 'silly pride' and to realize that they, too, have the same kind of silly pride around sex - and should question it.

Note that your piece does not need to mention OMGYES at all - this is just about silly pride around sexual pleasure.

TO APPLY: Upload your resume and writing test here: https://omgyes.typeform.com/to/y14yWk


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