News Reporter / Journalist Wanted for a Fast Growing Vaping Website, NA, United States

Date PostedFebruary 27, 2018
IndustryDigital Media
Job StatusFreelance
Salary$35,000 to $40,000

We are a fast growing vaping website looking to hire a full time journalist.

Your job will entail covering the latest news in the vaping industry such as changes in legislation, legal cases, interesting patents filed etc. This will cover mainly North America, but also worldwide news from the vaping industry.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Write and speak fluent English at a high level
  • Be active in the vaping community and be able to link to posts they have written on forums, reddit, facebook etc.
  • Have a good knowledge of current FDA regulations.
  • Have a good knowledge of regulation worldwide.
  • Have strong opinions regarding legislation etc in the industry
  • Enjoy researching and looking for the latest news and stories.
  • Have a background in journalism at a college or professional level (This is not essential if you can demonstrate a passion for journalism and can link to previous articles you have written)
  • Be self motivated and have a strong work ethic

The Job pays $10 per 500 words of content written. You will have a writing cap of $3,000 per month. The dollar amount per 500 words can increase over time due to good performance.

* Please note that this is a location independant job and you can work from anywhere.

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