Editorial Coordinator

Date PostedFebruary 26, 2018
Job StatusFull-time
SalaryNot Specified

This full-time position supports the publishing department, coordinating all editorial activities and keeping the department and external vendors on task, as well as on deadline. The Editorial Coordinator is the go-to copyeditor for the department. They are the first editor on the team to review and copy edit the print publication using InCopy, as well as content slated to appear on ACCDocket.com.

Further, this position is the primary contact for the magazine’s design firm throughout the production process of each issue. The Editorial Coordinator also provides editorial support to the Communications Division, as well as all other ACC departments as needed. Other tasks and responsibilities may be assigned from time to time by the Editor in Chief.

Essential Responsibilities: Proofreads, and makes copy and content edits to the “first round” of the ACC Docket (and all supplemental newsletters) in InCopy. Provides a communication link among editorial, design, and production, including tracking supplied photos and offering solutions to layout issues. Manages ACC Style, creating updates to existing style guides and assisting with the development of new guidelines for board materials, etc. Creates production schedule for the ACC Docket, with input from internal staff, outside design firm and printer. Assists with the creation of the ACC Editorial Calendar. Writes Table of Contents (TOC) blurbs. Researches and gathers ACC sidebar materials (Value Adds and Cheat Sheets) for Docket feature articles. Writes monthly articles for ACCDocket.com based on ACC research and news items. Interviews and profiles in-house counsel for website and print magazine as needed, as well as other ACC publications, including the CLO Executive Bulletin. Gathers house content from ACC staff and various ACC Chapters/Committees for the Docket. Maintains author database, Copyright Assignment forms, and Docket archives, both digital and physical. Tracks statistics as related to the Docket and Digital Docket (author specifics, content type, issue, and article downloads, etc.). Enters and tracks all Docket award submissions. Mails author copies of the magazine to all ACC Docket authors.

Minimum Requirements: Education: BA/BS degree in journalism, English, or related field Work Experience: Entry-level position. At least 2-3 years experience writing for and editing publications, interviewing, copyediting, and proofreading skills at a college or internship level. Experience in the legal profession or work on previous law publications is a plus, as is knowledge of InCopy and CMS. International experience, including working on non-US based publications, work/study outside the US, the ability to communicate with international audiences/speak an additional language(s) (including Mandarin, Cantonese, German, French and Arabic, etc.), is also a plus.

Skills: Editing, Writing, Proofreading, Multitasking, Strong Communication Skills, and Attention to Detail. Capabilities: Work with some degree of independence in finalizing any part of his section of publications, consulting with and keeping his supervisor apprised, as appropriate, but with minimal supervision. Have a high level of energy with strong attention to stakeholder needs and a consistent professional “Can Do” attitude. Actively, affirmatively, creatively, and independently addressing issues and problem solving (including anticipating problems), having chosen an appropriate course of action after having thoroughly considered alternatives and the pros and cons of each–– and then implementing said course. Be detailed oriented and have appropriate follow-through. Demonstrate excellent time management and organizational judgment and skills that facilitate managing multiple priorities and concurrent projects. Develop and maintain a collegial working relationship with colleagues, promoting a sense of team and facilitating accomplishment on behalf of the Association.

Environmental and Physical Conditions: 1. This position requires working at a desk. 2. Most of the work is executed on a computer and smart phone. 3. Meets 1-2 times weekly with others in conference rooms or offices. 4. Must be able to lift and move 3-5 boxes of advance copy magazines and tear sheets that are shipped from the printer to the mailroom. The boxes weigh approximately 20-40 lbs.

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