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NewsFundr, Putnam County, New York

Date PostedDecember 27, 2017
IndustryDigital Media
SpecialtyLocal News
Job StatusFreelance

NewsFundr.com is a news platform which allows ethical, independent journalists to report the news without constraints from editors, advertisers or power brokers. All journalists choose their own beat, are paid directly by subscribers, and can earn additional income by crowdfunding longer, more extensive investigations. NewsFundr also operates as a news wire, and journalists are paid whenever their work is licensed and reprinted by other news outlets.

Are you an experienced journalist?  We're looking for people who enjoy keeping tabs on city hall, who dive into public records research like it's going out of style, and have a nose for when something is worth a closer look.

NewsFundr journalists choose their own beat, but we're also specifically looking for someone to cover Putnam County, NY. To be perfectly frank, Putnam is our founder's old beat, and it was the most fascinating, crazy, endlessley entertaining beat she ever covered, with twist and turns one could never anticipate. We'd love to see someone else pick up where she left off.


Why NewsFundr?

    Time: Gone are the days of being forced to aggregate and “localize” news from other sources to meet a story quota. At most, NewsFundr expects just one great, informative story daily. Take the time to really report the news, and report it well. That also means you have more time to live a more balanced life. This is not a breaking news website, you are not on call 24/7. Have a life outside of work. Yes, really.

    Resources: NewsFundr enables readers to support their favored journalists through subscriptions and contributions to crowd-funded story pitches. Journalists are paid instantly via Stripe.

    Promotion: NewsFundr provides a simple marketing plan and to help journalists market themselves to new and existing readers through email and social media, and tools to make that easier.

    Protection: NewsFundr provides access to discounted media liability insurance protection.

   Support: NewsFundr provides rewards for crowdfunding campaigns to journalists at cost, and ships them directly to readers with no extra effort on the journalist's part.

    Unlimited time off:  We’ve developed a unique program to support journalists during vacations and extended absences.

    Growth potential: There is no cap on how much NewsFundr journalists can earn.

   Crystal clear compensation: NewsFundr takes a straight percentage on subscriptions, campaigns and licensed content. Journalists choose the commission based on how often they publish, and get paid predictably and reliably.  


Minimum three years newsroom experience.

Agree to strictly follow the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and NewsFundr writers guidelines.

Strong desire to cultivate a great beat, and report it deeply and consistently. Journalists who perform best are those who report deeply on a specific beat for a long period of time, and build a growing audience along the way. Beats may be geographic, like a town,  or they may be virtual, like an industry or online community. NewsFundr places no restrictions on what journalists may choose to report, so long as the reporting is accurate, verified,  ethical, and reliable.

Familiarity with recording and editing audio and video is important, as are excellent photography skills. Your overall goal is to gain readers and satisfy the ones you have: your high-quality content helps create happy readers.

Research experience: We’re looking for people who are comfortable digging through records at the county courthouse, and who know exactly which documents to request from a local school district.

Old-School Journalism values: Remember the days when information was verified before it was reported? When it was more than just dueling soundbites, advertorials and press releases passed off as fact? Let’s do that again.

Love for Transparency: Our goal is to support journalists who report the news so accurately, readers can fact-check it themselves. We encourage our journalists to include as much raw material as possible with each story. It helps readers understand the story better, and we want to model the transparency we demand from the governments and entities we cover.  Raw material includes full pdf of documents referenced, unedited audio and video, photo galleries, etc

Personality: Readers don’t subscribe to NewsFundr, they subscribe to YOU. Journalists who are successful building a community around their work are sure to be more successful. Your level of exposure is entirely up to you, but being comfortable on camera is a big advantage.

An eye for the deeper angle of a story: Instead of covering the warehouse fire as it happens, you look for safety and fire inspection records. Instead of writing another boring school meeting story, you look at the school budget to see if there’s really enough money to pay for everything. Instead of writing about how many people are arrested at a rally, you do an analysis of how many people have been shot within a  block of that area. Don’t just tell readers the story, tell them why it matters.

Been out of the game a while? It’s cool. Welcome back.

Location: Everywhere. Write about whatever you want, wherever you want. If you can find the subscribers to support you, the sky’s the limit. Everywhere does not mean remote: if you’re writing about a place, we expect you to live or at least spend a great deal of time there.

Interested? Apply at NewsFundr.com/Apply Be sure to specify your application is for PUTNAM COUNTY

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