Metro Producer

The Seattle Times, Seattle, Washington

Date PostedDecember 15, 2017
IndustryNewspapers / Wires
Job StatusFull-time
SalaryNot Specified

Metro Producer | The Seattle Times

At The Seattle Times, you'll find work that matters.

We serve the Pacific Northwest with thoughtful, independent journalism that makes a difference to our community. As a news media company, we cut through the clutter and provide readers with news and information that is timely, relevant and easy to access in every way they consume it. Founded in 1896, The Seattle Times remains a family-owned business deeply rooted in the community and is committed to principled, investigative news coverage.

We are excited to announce an immediate opening for our Metro Producer position. This vital role works to create, edit, and format relevant content for The Seattle Times’ digital products and stories, with the ever-important emphasis on increasing audience engagement while seeking innovative ways to tell stories! The Seattle Times is deeply committed to providing coverage to all members of our local community (and beyond), especially those who have a deep understanding about how to leverage the digital suite of products to share the most important stories!

Essential Functions

  • Crafts engaging, accurate and responsible social media posts about the day’s news.
  • Produces the homepage, including creating centerpiece displays and adjusting headline lists based on the news of the day and offers from the newsroom.
  • Writes news alerts for distribution through mobile push notifications and email.
  • Monitors social media, article comments and other platforms for trending topics and discussion of The Times’ coverage, responding to and engaging with members of the digital audience thoughtfully and respectfully.
  • Coordinates the flow of breaking news across various digital platform
  • Participates in regular discussions about trending news and creative ways to distribute content.
  • Collaborates with editors, reporters, producers, photographers, graphics artists, web developers and other journalists on the packaging and promotion of daily and enterprise news, and on creative and innovative distribution and engagement endeavors.


  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in journalism/communication or a related field, or equivalent experience.
  • Must have prior experience in professional digital news media.
  • Must have native-level fluency with the web and social media, and a deep understanding of how people use digital tools to produce and consume information.
  • Requires social media skills, including knowledge and expertise in using Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and other social networks to disseminate and gather news, engage with readers, reach new audiences and track the changing social landscape.
  • Must be familiar with common web publishing technologies and content-management practices.
  • Requires fluency with content-management tools including platforms such as WordPress, basic understanding of HTML/CSS, principles of web design and the tools of multimedia production.
  • Must have knowledge of AP style, understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) principles and strong writing ability, particularly in social media posts, alerts, headlines and summaries.
  • Must demonstrate understanding of web analytics.
  • Requires big ideas about digital journalism tempered with practical know-how and the ability to get things done.
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