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SmartCEO, New York - New Jersey Metro area, New York

Date PostedJuly 16, 2017
IndustryDigital Media
Job StatusFull-time

Entrepreneurial, creative regional business editor for start-up

Join an exciting, scrappy business news and events start-up company launching operations in ten of the largest metro areas in the US this fall, and expanding to 15 in 2018. 

We are looking for editors to run our regional operations in the following markets:

  • NYC-Boston-Long Island
  • Philadelphia-New Jersey
  • Washington-Baltimore-Charlotte
  • Austin-Dallas 

There will be separate websites, newsletters, and social media feeds for each city within each region (the current website,, will be completely redesigned and reoriented to match the new mission and vision).

We will be the go-to business news and analysis source for CEOs of small- and mid-size businesses in each of our markets. We will deliver a daily curated briefing of the top business news in the market — and the impact of that news on our readers’ businesses — via the web, social media, a twice-weekly newsletter, and breaking news alerts, as well as events, white papers, webinars, networking, etc.

Using his or her intuition, knowledge of the market, interaction with readers, and a savvy understanding of our data analytics, the Regional Editor will be constantly thinking of new ways to fulfill our readers’ information needs and proposing products and services to achieve that mission.

We will take advantage of all the evolving media tools and diversified services that define successful digital-based media and information businesses today. Our portfolio will include traditional print publications (a quarterly magazine) and websites as well as events, memberships, networks, educational opportunities, native advertising, sponsored content, video, and, potentially, voice-activated personal assistants, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc.  If something would help meet our audiences’ needs, we’ll consider it.

As a launch member of this small start-up team, you will have a significant influence on the direction of the company as we seek to fill the information needs of the SmartCEO audience on the platform, in the format, and at the time of day that makes the most sense to that audience. 

Your primary job will be to create business news feeds for each city in your region and curate those every day to be able to update the website first thing in the morning and as necessary throughout the day based on both reader behavior and breaking news. 

You will also decide what news goes into our twice-weekly newsletter. 

To truly curate the news, you will not simply shovel existing headlines and summaries onto our site and newsletter, but put personality, perspective, and pizzaz into the headline to grab readers’ attention, to give readers a good sense of what’s going on and, most importantly, to tell readers what it means to them. We’re not talking click-bait headlines; we’re talking about headlines that appeal and inform.

You will also be responsible for publishing on our social media feeds: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You will be familiar with social media best practices for each platform. 

You will recruit freelance writers in each city to add our own stories that you assign to the curated mix. And you will recruit regional freelance copy editors to review our copy before or immediately after it is published.

Part of our business plan is to utilize native advertising and branded content. To ensure the quality of that content and the preservation of our brand’s reputation, the regional editor will have the power to approve and/or edit and re-write, if necessary, all native and branded content, and send it back to the client for review. 

Across all of your platforms, you will be responsible for monitoring the analytics, and pivoting strategically based on what the data tell you. You will learn from the readers’ reactions to what we publish to determine if we have perfected the what, when, where, how and why of our content and delivery systems and schedules. 

As is more and more common, there will be no big office. Each Regional Editor will work remotely but use tools like Slack to stay in constant contact with the Editor in Chief, as well as his or her regional Managing Director and Marketing Director. 

Our people are the key to our success. You will have the opportunity to be part of a bonus plan based on both your performance and the performance of the company as a whole.

SmartCEO fosters a culture that allows employees an abundance of opportunity for personal and professional growth. SmartCEO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We are looking for editors with experience in business news and in working on the web and in social media. You will have good business news judgment and rewriting experience. You will have a sense of business and regulation trends affecting small and mid-size businesses. You will be committed to making regular contact with readers to gain insights into the challenges they are facing and assess our performance in helping them meet those challenges. 

You will be someone who works well both with direction and independently. There will be times when you will be called upon to speak at our business events, so you will be very comfortable in front of crowds large and small. You and the Managing Director will be the face of SmartCEO in your region.

Most importantly, you will be excited about joining and contributing significantly to a start-up company where ideas can (and should) come fast and furious, and be translated into action just as fast and furiously. 

If you would like to learn more or apply, please send a cover letter (or video) explaining why you’re right for the job, your resume, and links to your work and to any blog or social media site you maintain. 

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from you (

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