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Nine Things to Say During an Interview

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Latest Media News

From Frenemy to Friend: How Google Won Publishers Over

Google has always tried to work with publishers, even if not always satisfactorily, on ad monetization and search results. It mended a tense relationship after funding news projects and supporting industry conferences. ...
Source: LUCIA MOSES, Digiday
Posted: Mar 21, 2017

Meet the Swedish Newspaper Editor Who Put an Algorithm in Charge of His Homepage

After reporters and editors are finished with a story, they set a “news” value — a variable ranging from 1 to 5 — and a “lifetime” value — either short, medium or long — and let the algorithm ...
Source: FELIPPE RODRIGUES, Storybench
Posted: Mar 21, 2017

Is Digital Advertising Rewarding Fake News?

Yes, according to The Guardian’s chief revenue officer Hamish Nicklin. “Fake news is being used as a key weapon to fight truth. And the digital advertising paradigm is helping to fund it, in fact I’d go as far ...
Source: JESSICA DAVIES, Digiday
Posted: Mar 16, 2017

Genius Recently Laid Off a Bunch of Its Engineers. Can It Survive As a Media Company?

It’s not unusual for tech companies to transform over time, though typically they are loath to lay off engineers. Will Genius's switch from an annotator of the internet to a more traditional media company work? ...
Source: Casey Newton, TheVerge
Posted: Mar 15, 2017