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Can Blockchain Save Journalism?

Manoush Zomorodi left WNYC for the startup life because she was tired of waiting for other people to fix the media. The company she co-founded, Stable Genius Productions, unveiled its first podcast last month called ZigZag. ...
Source: Eric Johnson, Recode
Posted: Jul 13, 2018

Russian Influence Campaign Sought To Exploit Americans' Trust In Local News

The information operatives who worked out of the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, Russia, did not stop at posing as American social media users or spreading false information from purported news sources. ...
Source: Tim Mak
Posted: Jul 12, 2018

WikiTribune: The Newsroom of the Future?

WikiTribune was unveiled in April 2017 by a community of professional and citizen journalists who report, fact-check, and combat fake news. But will this venture be able to sustain itself? ...
Source: LAURA HAZARD OWEN, NiemanLab
Posted: Jul 11, 2018

How The New York Times’ Mark Thompson Became the Latest Thorn in Facebook’s Side

In June, Thompson gave a speech in which he described Facebook’s policy of labeling news as political ads as “a threat to democracy.” A few days later, he sparred with Facebook’s head of global news. ...
Source: Lucia Moses, Digiday
Posted: Jul 11, 2018

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