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Quartz's New App Wants to Text You the News

Source: JOSEPH LICHTERMAN, NiemanLab. Posted Feb 12, 2016

The app, released today and only available on iPhone and Apple Watch for now, presents teases to stories in the form of chat bubbles, and then lets users select whether they want to get more information. . . .


Facebook’s Instant Articles Advertising Fixes Please Publishers

Source: JACK MARSHALL, WSJ. Posted Feb 12, 2016

Publishers were frustrated in the early going by the platform’s advertising restrictions, but now credit Facebook with making improvements. . . .


Newspaper Adviser Is Fired After Students’ Scoop Roils Maryland Campus

Source: MIKE McPHATE, Posted Feb 11, 2016

The faculty adviser to the student paper at Mount St. Mary’s was dismissed after the university president was quoted likening struggling students to bunnies who should be drowned. . . .


Growth Must Also Result In Greater Revenue

Source: Damaris Colhoun, CJR. Posted Feb 09, 2016

For media start-ups running off the fumes of their VC investments, and legacy newsrooms making the move to digital, early stumbles are a crucial reminder that traffic alone won’t keep them out of the red. . . .


Forbes Guarantees Its Native Ads Will Work

Source: Lucia Moses, Digiday. Posted Feb 08, 2016

Forbes is applying the same money-back promise it once made for display ads to its native ad product, BrandVoice. Advertisers have to spend $250,000 in native plus display over 60 days. . . .


Jack Dorsey Tries to Quell #RIPTwitter Outrage

Source: Daniel Van Boom, Posted Feb 08, 2016

Many disgruntled users took to Twitter to bemoan reported changes to the social media platform, prompting the company's CEO to interject. "I want you all to know we're always listening," Dorsey Tweeted. "We never planned to reorder timelines . . .


Is an Anti-Abortion Activist With a Camera a Journalist?

Source: Dahlia Lithwick, Slate. Posted Feb 03, 2016

That question is being debated after an incident between the Center for Medical Progress and Planned Parenthood. . . .


Yahoo to Cut 15 Percent of Its Workforce

Source: Mike Snider, USA Today. Posted Feb 03, 2016

Struggling search engine company Yahoo Inc. said it plans to cut about 15% of its workforce as part of a $400 million cost-cutting effort intended to "simplify" the troubled Internet company. . . .



When It Comes to Drug Busts, Journalists Often Don’t Ask the Right Questions

Source: Jack Murtha, CJR. Posted Feb 12, 2016

On drug-bust stories, reporters return to the newsroom with a flashy story and the photos to match. But what does the story really tell readers? . . .


Jeff Bezos on The Washington Post’s Digital Strategy and the Future of Print

Source: JOSEPH LICHTERMAN, Nieman Lab. Posted Feb 01, 2016

The Post and Amazon owner met with the paper’s staffers in a town hall meeting this morning. . . .


Crowdfunded Journalism: A Small but Growing Addition to Publicly Driven Journalism

Source: Nancy Vogt, Posted Jan 25, 2016

Over the past several years, crowdfunding via the internet has become a popular way to engage public support. The area of journalism is no exception. . . .


Will More Newspapers Go Nonprofit?

Source: ROBINSON MEYER, Posted Jan 19, 2016

Three of Philadelphia’s most important journalistic resources took the first step toward becoming nonprofits. . . .


Muslim Journalists No Longer as Rare in U.S. Newsrooms

Source: Lauren Markoe, Posted Jan 13, 2016

Well-represented in medicine, Muslims account for a sliver of the mainstream American media. . . .