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What the Associated Press Has Learned From a Year of VR

The nonprofit news organization said one of the big lessons is understanding when virtual reality and 360 video won’t work when covering some live events. ...
Source: Jemma Brackebush, Digiday
Posted: Sep 28, 2016

Wenner to Sell 49% of Rolling Stone to Singapore’s BandLab

After a five-decade run full of interviews with pop stars and presidents, the founder of Rolling Stone is selling 49 percent of the iconic magazine to an Asian billionaire’s son. ...
Source: Yoolim Lee, Bloomberg
Posted: Sep 26, 2016

Slate Reflects on Not Chasing Digital Media Trends

Slate's editor says: "A lot of companies are chasing the same kind of traffic from the same social distribution mechanisms…It’s not a recipe for producing a distinctive media brand.” ...
Source: Sahn Wang, Nieman Lab
Posted: Sep 26, 2016

Networks Reject On-Screen Fact Checking During Debate

Despite Clinton's demand that Trump be held accountable, outlets say they aren't prepared to weigh in while candidates speak. ...
Source: HADAS GOLD, Politico
Posted: Sep 26, 2016