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Media News and Commentary

CNN Pivots HLN Back Toward News

Source: ALEX WEPRIN, Posted Nov 25, 2015

Headline News will return to showing more live news during the day and overnight, while adding reruns of CNN's now fairly extensive library of unscripted programming. . . .


Buyout List at L.A. Times 'Makes You Want to Cry'

Source: Kevin Roderick, Posted Nov 24, 2015

With dozens of veteran Los Angeles Times journalists cleaning out their desks this week, the magnitude of the experience leaving the building is coming home to people, inside and outside the paper. . . .


Fusion Has a Distributed News Team for Platforms

Source: Lucia Moses, Posted Nov 24, 2015

The digital news site and cable network for millennials announced a new team to create stories and videos meant to be read and watched exclusively on social platforms. . . .


Magazine Cuts Continue, Wenner Media Is Latest Victim

Source: JOE POMPEO, POLITICO. Posted Nov 23, 2015

Layoffs at print publications have become an all too familiar reality in recent years, as the industry has grappled with diminished advertising and circulation revenues. . . .


NPR Is Graying, And Public Radio Is Worried About It

Source: Paul Farhi, Washington Post. Posted Nov 23, 2015

Many of the listeners who grew up with NPR are now reaching retirement age, leaving NPR with a challenge: How can it attract younger and middle-aged audiences to replace them? . . .


Quartz Forms Incubator for Global Reporting Talent

Source: Ricardo Bilton, DIGIDAY. Posted Nov 20, 2015

With what it’s calling a “talent lab,” Quartz wants to formalize how it discovers and develops writers, videographers and data journalists from around the world. . . .



What Improv Could Teach Newsrooms

Source: Josh Stearns, Posted Nov 24, 2015

The critical success of a new film about the Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic sex abuse scandal, has prompted a lot of discussion about cinematic portrayals of journalism. . . .


Paid to Vote: Why a Nonprofit News Outlet Gave Away $10,000 in a Lottery

Source: Anna Clark, Posted Nov 20, 2015

The voter lottery — carried out by the The Philadelphia Citizen — was designed to give voters an incentive to turn out in a chronically low-participation off-year local election. . . .