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Why a Journalist Tricked News Outlets into Thinking Chocolate Makes You Thin

Source: Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post. Posted May 28, 2015

Science journalist John Bohannon wanted to see if health reporters could distinguish a bad science story from a good one. . . .


Bob Schieffer Hosts Last 'Face the Nation' on May 31

Source: Posted May 28, 2015

Schieffer will host CBS' “Face the Nation” on Sunday for the last time after 24 years. He's retiring from a journalism career that began at 20 at a Fort Worth, Texas, radio station and landed him at CBS . . .


What Snow White Can Teach Journalists About Audience Engagement

Posted May 27, 2015

In a keynote speech earlier this month, Next Media Accelerator program director Jennifer Schwanenberg used a classic Disney cartoon, Snow White, to discuss business models for news in the digital age. . . .


Jason Rezaian of Washington Post Goes on Trial in Iran

Source: New York Times. Posted May 26, 2015

Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post correspondent accused by Iran of espionage who has been imprisoned for more than 10 months, went on trial in a Tehran courtroom on Tuesday morning, state news media reported. . . .


Mark Thompson on the New York Times‘ Facebook ’Experiment'

Source: Posted May 22, 2015

"We need to access new and interesting pools of readers," the Times chief executive said at a media conference. "Facebook has got colossal pools of readers..." . . .



In Tibet, Bloggers Post at Their Own Risk

Source: Posted May 22, 2015

These are treacherous days for bloggers in China who dare to publicly criticize government policy. . . .


How to Edit and Share Video as a Citizen Journalist

Source: USATODAY. Posted May 14, 2015

Raw clips may work for tornado videos, but a citizen journalist with bigger ambitions needs to know how to edit. . . .


Police Videos: Are the Shooters Witnesses or Journalists?

Source: Posted May 08, 2015

Was Feidin Santana a journalist or a witness when he recorded the video of a police officer shooting eight times at fleeing suspect Walter Scott. . . .