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Company: IBT Media
Digital Strategist
New York, New York
Job Status:  Not Specified
Salary:  Not Specified


-  Serves as a member of the senior team at the International Business Times, attending morning editorial meetings with senior staff to consult on social-targeted stories. 

- Co-runs day-to-day social for IBT's 24/7 content production.

- Approves all SEO headlines during the work day for all IBT content.

- Serves as backup front page editor when the FPE is unavailable.

- Assists Newsweek social as needed.

- Is the point person for all breaking news on social channels. 

- Responsible for weekly and monthly stats reports for Facebook and Twitter. 

- Manages strategic partnerships with relevant brands. 

This position is one of two 'digital strategist' jobs -- there will ultimately be a team of three.

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