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Company: The Wall Street Transcript
Industry Conference Online Reporter
New York, New York
Job Status:  Freelance
Salary:  Negotiable


Industry Conference Online Reporter

Job Description:

We are seeking an erudite wordsmith to join our blogging team. Candidates must have a knack and love for business and financial news. Our financial publication is looking for a part-time reporter to cover industry conferences for its Web site. The Industry Conference Reporter will watch live or recently recorded presentations by C-level executives of publicly traded companies and report highlights from each presentation.

Each report will be a short (approx. 300 words), hard-news piece in the publication’s style, and will appear in the publication’s blog. These pieces will be linked internally to related articles on the website, and must include the appropriate metadata. It is vital that they be written quickly, proofread and be free of any factual errors.

Compensation is per article written. Each conference lasts one or two days, and provides the opportunity to write 20+ pieces.  No travel is necessary as all relevant materials can be accessed remotely.  Reports will be submitted electronically via e-mail, WordPress or Google documents.  Target compensation is from $280 to $500 per week depending on the number of posts written and conferences covered.

Please send resume, cover letter and writing samples. No phone calls please.


  • Two years of hard-news reporting experience.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or related field.

  • Experience crafting SEO-friendly articles.

  • Experience using WordPress interface.


  • Summarize senior executive presentations for a wide range of industry topics for our blog.

  • Adhere to our format and formula for producing content.

  • Deliver 100% of fact checked content within 24 hours of conference.

  • Optimize content for internal site links, search engines and lead generation.

  • Conduct analytical projects to improve blog strategies/tactics.

  • Growing blog subscribers and expanding the overall blog's reach.

  • Stay familiar with the publication and current events.

  • Pitching relevant conference assignments to the Managing Editor.

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