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Company: Law360
Reporter, Texas Courts
Houston, Texas
Job Status:  Full-time
Salary:  Not Specified


Law360 is looking for a reporter in Houston, Texas to report on developments in state courts, the state legislature and state regulatory agencies. The Texas reporter will be responsible for developing state-specific daily search routines, pitching stories to their editor and writing 2-3 stories per day. The state reporter will also be responsible for maintaining a detailed calendar of state and federal court events, attending court hearings and scanning and pitching new complaints from the Harris County District Court in Houston. The Texas reporter will also be responsible for developing sources within the state regulatory agencies and pitching and writing features on important developments within the state, when appropriate. Additionally, the reporter will be responsible for reporting on developments at the state bar association and local law firms.

Applicants must have strong reporting skills and be able to demonstrate their ability to be proactive in shaping Law360’s Texas law coverage.

- Two-plus years of paid, full-time reporting experience
- One-plus year of paid, full-time experience with a daily publication
- Demonstrated reporting, writing and organizational skills
- Bachelor’s degree - Exceptional news judgment
- Exceptional communication skills
- Demonstrated ability to work independently in shaping a beat
- Must be willing to attend court events as assigned
- Must be willing to train in New York for two weeks

- Graduate degree in journalism
- Experience in covering legal or regulatory affairs
- Experience in covering business news

Please click here to apply:

Law360 offers extensive training on legal topics. Business or legal reporting experience is not required. However, professional reporting experience and strong writing and analytical skills are required to succeed in this job. Please note; qualified candidates will be asked to complete writing and reporting tests electronically.

Law360, a LexisNexis company, is an online newswire for business lawyers that covers major litigation, transactions and regulatory issues. Founded in 2004 and acquired by LexisNexis in 2012, Law360 is a cutting-edge organization and one of the fastest-growing subscription news services in the U.S. Our subscribers include the 100 largest law firms in the U.S., in-house counsel at major corporations, and government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

Law360 offices are located in Union Square, NYC. We offer a casual and flexible work environment, comprehensive benefits (including; medical, dental, generous paid time off, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, and a pre-tax commuter program), and competitive salary with bonus eligibility.

Portfolio Media, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




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