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April 19, 2014
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Company: The Ledger
Copy Editor
Lakeland, Florida
Job Status:  Full-time
Salary:  Not Specified
Ad Expires: 
April 28, 2014
Job ID: 1474364


Applicants should send resume, cover letter and 3-5 clips to:

Lenore Devore, editor, The Ledger, at


Job Purpose: (State the primary reason for the job, preferable in one or two sentences.)

This position conducts final editing of local, state, national, international, business and features stories; writes headlines and photo captions; selects stories and photos from wire services; and designs pages for print and the web.  This position requires proofing of final versions of all print and web pages and makes changes as needed. The role requires meeting daily and long-term deadlines.

Scope: (Describe the extent to which this position interacts with others key to business performance)

This role interacts regularly with every area of the newsroom - reporters, photographers, editors and web producers.  Copy editors must be able to work well on deadline in a team-oriented environment.

Principal Functions Essential To The Job:


Writes and/or edits in all media

§Works collaboratively with reporters and content editors to ensure stories clearly convey information in such a way that readers will understand. 

§Prepares headlines, photo captions, social media posts, etc., that are accurate and enticing.

§Stories should contain all necessary information to help audience navigate the medium (refers, jump lines, mug shots, online updates, mobile and e-reader offerings, etc.)

Assures quality for engaging audience

§Provides feedback and direction, when needed, on content quality.

§Examines work for accuracy, fairness, balance and completeness.

§Ensures work is free from factual and grammatical errors, typos, etc. Makes corrections quickly.

Coordinates flow of information to achieve news cycle deadlines

§Applies informed news judgment to select, prioritize and bring coherence to news content.

§Proactively works with all departments to plan all news presentations.

§Organizes stories and presentations in logical ways that promote ease of use and audience understanding and encourages consumption and sharing.

§Contacts reporters and/or editors as stories develop and/or change throughout the news cycle.

§Informs all relevant parties when developments affect their work responsibilities.

Creative Designer

§Designs creative work products and solutions.

§Creates innovative and artistic ways to visually invite readers into print or multimedia stories or presentations.

§Appropriately reflects the tone of the story in whatever display medium.

§Takes risks that lead to unconventional, but effective, displays.

§Communicates ideas in visually creative ways.

Contributes  to high-performing  teamwork  

§Sets high standards of performance, quality and accountability for oneself and others.

§Provides information and instructions to achieve responsibilities.

§Engages team members in decision making and accountability. 

§Anticipates problems and opportunities and takes immediate action to address them.

§Provides input, advice and effective feedback to editors/reporters to enhance the team effectiveness.

Continuously seeks and applies learning to enhance skills and performances:

§Approaches change positively and adapts quickly to new work situations.

§Quickly learns, adopts and applies new technology that extends audience reach and use.

§Seeks learning opportunities and enhances knowledge and skills.

§Creates innovative solutions or combines ideas in unique ways to address work problems and opportunities.



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