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September 30, 2014

Simply Charly
Industry: Online Media
Experience: Intern/Part-time
New York
Salary: Academic Credit
Ad Expires:
January 27, 2016
Job ID: 1560555

We're currently looking for interns with excellent writing skills that can help us shape our existing content and to produce more as we expand. We've been around since 2007 but the site is undergoing a complete redesign. (Take a sneak peek while work is underway here We are currently testing it in beta to gauge audience reaction so that we can serve it better. About 50,000 students, educators, and other interested parties use our free site each month. Instead of searching among multiple sources on the web for the most comprehensive information, our visitors have access to extensive materials at one reliable and credible source – our website.

Simply Charly offers:

--Easy-to-read biographies of over 50 personalities, highlighting their main achievements and challenges;

--Exclusive interviews about these personalities with world-renowned scholars, bestselling authors, and a Nobel Prize winner.

--Opportunities for our visitors to pose questions about each historic figure to our panel of experts.

--Book reviews, videos and podcasts relating to featured personalities.

Please send us a cover letter along with a resume to

Contact e-mail: