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September 17, 2014

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Industry: Newspapers/Wires
Experience: Not Specified
Salary: Unpaid
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January 07, 2014
Job ID: 1548964

I am seeking 2 writers or journalists to join me as Full Founding Partners in creating, launching, and controlling a new online Alternative newspaper for Los Angeles.

This is a part-time position that could be combined with attending college or working.

Candidates must reside or study/work in Los Angeles: preferably in Silver Lake or within easy commuting distance of this neighborhood.

These are part-time, unpaid (volunteer) positions, as the publication is a 'start-up` and unlikely to generate revenue at the start.

A commitment of 10 hours a week for at least 6 months is required (although, ideally, volunteers would be able to devote 12 months+ to this project).

At some point in the future the Alternative newspaper may attract advertising revenue. When and if this occurs, profits will be shared equally between the 6 Founding Partners (i.e. Me, the 2 Writers/Journalists, and 3 other individuals who have yet to be recruited: a Web master/Website Designer, an Artist-Photographer, and a Business & Advertising Sales Manager).

It is envisioned that a proportion of the Alternative newspaper's content will reflect progressive and social justice concerns. The target audience will be LA-based, cosmopolitan, creative, interested in new ideas as well as popular culture, and attracted to the dream of a more socially and economically just world.

The newspaper will feature articles and interviews spanning topics such as community news, popular culture, music gigs & events, shopping, art & design, movie/concert/CD/book reviews, local democracy, political activism & campaigns, the work of local agencies, civil rights, poverty & inequality, religion & spirituality, and more.

The newspaper will also showcase great artwork and photography. Extended essays, short stories, and poetry may also feature from time to time.

The publication will be run democratically and inclusively. That is to say, all 6 Founding Partners will have equal status and an equal say in decision-making.

It is hoped that the team behind the Alternative newspaper will mirror L.A. in terms of racial, ethnic, religious, gender, socio-economic and sexual orientation diversity.


- A practicing writer/journalist; otherwise someone who possesses some training or experience in this area. - Must spell accurately and write grammatically; editing experience ideal (although this is not a requirement). Acquainted with the conventions of journalistic writing. - A desire to build a large portfolio of articles, gain valuable experience, and make professional contacts. The successful writers will be able to develop fantastic resumes.

- Able to devote 10 hours or more a week

- Able to make a 6 month commitment

- Regular internet access

- Willing to volunteer for occasional non-writing tasks connected with the general business of managing, administering, marketing and developing the newspaper

- Committed to non-discrimination and social justice

- Wide interests in culture and lifestyle, including any of the following: books, fiction, art & photography, music, theater, TV & movies, travel, wildlife & nature, politics, religion & spirituality, fitness & dance, sports, etc.

Please email your resume to: Questions may also be directed to me at the same address.

Contact e-mail: