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September 21, 2014

Rustic Pathways
Industry: Newspapers/Wires
Experience: College Media
Salary: Paid
Ad Expires:
January 20, 2014
Job ID: 1545323

Rustic Pathways offers the world's finest international high school service, adventure and foreign language programs. Our destinations stretch from the white-sand beaches of Fiji to the rainforest canopies of Costa Rica, the high Himalaya to the Great Barrier Reef, and many points in between. Rustic Pathways is a pioneer in providing superior quality travel and service programs in some of the world's most welcoming countries for students and families. Rustic Pathways demands professionalism and integrity across all of its operations, insists on quality in all aspects of its programs, and places strong emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of its students and staff. We enrich the lives of our students and our staff, benefit the parts of the world we serve, and build cultural bridges that leads to greater global understanding and cooperation.

NOTE: The deadline to apply for this position is January 31st. The hiring period for Photographer / Guides runs from February 1st to March 31st but this application has been made available so that applicants can apply now. Please note that applications will not begin being reviewed until January 1st. 


Global Summer Program Photographer / Guide

Your photographic responsibilities include generating impactful storytelling imagery while also being responsible for editing and archiving imagery for use by Rustic Pathways in marketing, sales and collateral materials. More importantly, you are responsible for ensuring a life-changing experiences for every student on your program. This entails properly managing risk and prioritizing the safety of your students, co-leaders, and yourself; implementing Rustic Pathways’ Core Learning Values & Framework; promoting positive group dynamics; providing appropriate supervision and being available for students 24-hours a day throughout the duration of the program; and creating a positive work environment for other staff members. Photographer Guides typically work in teams with other non-photographer guides and will be in charge of groups of 15-20 students with a ratio of 1 guide to 5 students.


Further details and an application can be found at the following site: