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September 23, 2014

1 Degree Hire
Industry: Public Relations
Experience: Intern/Part-time
New York
Salary: Paid
Ad Expires:
September 08, 2013
Job ID: 1518881



We're a NY-based coaching service that helps college students land incredible jobs.  We prepare recent and future graduates to be hired!


Our clients receive digital access to a 21-Day program (eBooks & MP3s) and hundreds of videos that prepare them for the competitive and confusing job-hunt process.  Too many college graduates are unemployed, underemployed, and frustrated. 


Our mission is to help 10,000 college student this year land awesome jobs.  As part of our team, you can be a part of something really special and help a lot of people get hired.





You have big goals for yourself and are determined to land an incredible job when you graduate.


You have the discipline to work hard and self-motivate to get your assignments done


You've got a friendly and energetic personality and like to meet new people.


You're not afraid to take risks and you take pride in your work.




A unique part-time paid internship working from your campus dorm room or apartment.


You'll develop important business skills and build a massive network of people who will help you land a great job in your chosen field.




5 hours per week


Smart phone equipped a video camera


Access to video editing software like iMovie.




First, if you're unsure exactly what you want to do when you graduate, we'll help you identify a career you're passionate about.


Next, we'll teach you how to interview 10 industry professionals in your chosen industry…from junior level executives, to human resource directors, to CEOs.  


You'll film brief "Day in the Life" videos in person or via Skype video and then edit them using iMovie into a short 5-minute clip. 


The videos provide a behind-the-scenes snapshot of what's it's like to work in the industry and offer valuable tips and strategies for entry-level job-seekers.  Samples:


Assistant Creative Director for Advertising Agency:

Communication Executive:


Thousands of college students worldwide who are unsure how to navigate the confusing job-hunt process are going to benefit from your videos.


Here's the best part.  While you're helping 1 Degree Hire develop a huge video library, you're going to to build a massive network.  Do a good job with your videos and the people you interview will want to help you get hired when you graduate.  Pretty cool, right?




We'll promote your videos via social media, email, and on YouTube.  When someone watches one of them and becomes a 1 Degree Hire client, you will earn a small commission.  While we prefer our interns work with us for the experience, making a couple of hundred bucks for your effort is a nice perk.



To apply for a spot, please complete our brief Application today at

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