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September 19, 2014

CRAVE Magazine
Industry: Online Media
Experience: None
All Locations
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
June 04, 2015
Job ID: 1499512

We are currently accepting applications for the Columist Internship in preparation for the revamped website that will launch on June 15th! If you aren't familar with CRAVE, feel free to visit the website. As an urban, Hip-Hop inspired website we encourage all likers and writers of urban music and lifestyles to apply for this position. But please be advised that we are not a gossip or blog website. 
The intern will be responsible for writing at least (3) entertainment news articles on a weekly basis and will be given a specific section of the website to cover (i.e. Music, Fashion, Sports, etc.) throughout the duration of their internship. 


The primary requirements for the Columnist position is the ability to apply the time and effort to research and write the articles required. You DO NOT have to be a student. If you are interested in building your resume and strengthen your credibility as an entertainment writer, CRAVE is the place for you. 

This is a telecommute internship.

Preference will be given to applicants with expereince in journalism, both print and online. Applicants with degrees or pursing a degree in English, Journalism, Editing, Creative Writing or similar fields are encouraged to apply, but again, these are not requirements.

If you believe you are an informative writer, with an eye for accuracy and correctness, and you have a unique personality that will inform, engage, and entertain readers, you are qualified for this position. 

Columnists will be given full credibilty for their work including a mini-biography, photo, links to social media accounts,and even a personal email address through the website.

Paid Internship Info:

NO PAY, but Internship Credit is offered. For further information on this internship opportunity please contact us at: 



Contact e-mail: