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September 17, 2014

Industry: Online Media
Experience: None
United States
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
July 16, 2013
Job ID: 1486440 seeks anthropology, sociology, or history students to assist with our magazine's research. offers a 12-week internship that will enable students to practice their classroom learning in a real-world environment, and showcase their talents on the longest-running entertainment magazine on the Internet. Interns will receive regular feedback on their work from editors, and will be followed throughout the program by's staff of professional journalists.

Landing Pages- you will research and write bios for any celebrities that are not in the system or update celebrities that are. These will include writers, actors, musicians, producers, on-screen personalities from news programs, etc. like this -

This will include uploading photos and video. These pages will be used in stories, so these won't have a byline, but will be a long term use project for us, so anything you do will be with us for a really long time.

Internship Goals:

-To improve research and writing skills

-To learn or improve online writing styles and techniques such as SEO and CMS

-To learn Time Management in a virtual setting

Internship Support:

-You will have the support of full time editors seven days a week.

-You will get regular feedback from all editors and an editor will work with each individual on personal goals and training.

-You will receive weekly assignments to teach above goals

-Writing and technical support from all editors via email and from the Senior Editor by email, instant message and phone/text.

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