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September 21, 2014

Industry: Online Media
Experience: None
All Locations
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
July 16, 2013
Job ID: 1486434 offers a 12-week internship that will enable journalism students to practice their classroom learning in a real-world environment, and showcase their talents on the longest-running entertainment magazine on the Internet. Interns will receive regular feedback on their work from editors, and will be followed throughout the program by's staff of professional journalists.

You will be expected to create online content for Facebook, Twitter, etc, comment and share on site activity, create unique user content such as memes, polls, etc to engage readers and build followers.

Weekly assignments will be given for during these hours. Each week will require 10 hours. This will compute to be a 120-hour program as per most college standards. If you need more we can work that out. Hours are not scheduled and are flexible.

Internship Goals:

-To improve social media techniques using Twitter, Facebook, Klout, etc

-To work on the social media identity of a top rated website

-To gain skills that can translate into great hiring points

-To learn Time Management in a virtual setting

Internship Support:

-You will have the support of full time editors seven days a week.

-You will get weekly progress reports and feedback

-You will receive weekly assignments to teach above goals

-Writing and technical support from all editors via email and from the Senior Editor by email, instant message and phone/text.

QUALIFICATIONS for Marketing -

- An account with Facebook, Twitter, Fark, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious

- Background in marketing, public relations or related field

- Excellent written communication skills

- Computer savvy; must be able to work online

- Ability to juggle numerous tasks at once

- Organization and deadline management skills

- Strong social media presence

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