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September 18, 2014

Ripen eCommerce
Industry: Other
Experience: Intern/Part-time
New Jersey
Salary: Paid
Ad Expires:
February 15, 2013
Job ID: 1462605


Ripen eCommerce is looking for an entry-level writer interested in developing his or her linguistic talents in a modern agency. Working with the Creative and Marketing teams under the Senior Copywriter, the Copywriting Intern will provide both concrete (editorial and proofing) and conceptual support to a variety of writing projects. This internship is a particularly great opportunity for students or recent grads seeking a challenging and rewarding career in professional wordsmithing.
<li>Proofread and copy edit long (paragraphs) and short (tweets) texts for spelling, grammar, punctuation, diction, and style</li>
<li>Produce creative, but brief, descriptions of various products and services</li>
<li>Help write, edit, and rewrite website content, including blog posts and static site pages</li>
<li>Help write or rewrite texts in accordance with both in-house style and client specifications</li>
<li>Assist in the development of creative campaigns, including concepts, headlines, and taglines</li>
<li>Masterful command of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and diction</li>
<li>Ability to write in a broad range of styles, tones, and registers</li>
<li>Completed at least junior-level coursework in Advertising Writing , English Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism, or a related field</li>
<li>Must be comfortable receiving and giving constructive criticism</li>
<li>Must enjoy giving public presentations</li>
<li>Efficiency in Microsoft Word, including editorial tasks (comments, tracked changes, etc.)</li>
<li>Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite a strong plus</li>
<strong>Include with your application</strong>
<li>A resume that contains a list of writing-related activities/projects you have been involved in, including but not limited to: script writing, journalism, blogging, language studies, comedy</li>
<li>SAT writing section score, if applicable. Please do not submit your other scores.</li>
<li>2 prose writing samples (maximum 1 academic sample), each between 300 and 500 words.</li>


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