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October 1, 2014

Industry: Online Media
Experience: Not Specified
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May 15, 2013
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We are a 21st century nonprofit news organization whose mission is to bring high-quality news from around the Internet to the public.

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The responsibilities of the front page editor position are: Chooses all items for the front page including stories, editorials, columns, multimedia, photos and videos. Works with content editors and photo editors to find the best content possible. Lays out the page, edits the headlines and summaries to meet AP style guidelines, and makes sure the layout meets all our criteria. Makes sure the site looks great. This normally requires some copy editing experience, basic knowledge of AP style and grammar, attention to detail, communication skills, and strong understanding and judgment of the news. This does not require any computer software experience or knowledge of code. Our software is very easy to use, though you must have a solid visual aesthetic sense. The front page editor position is a minimum of 15 hours per week for a minimum of six and a half months. If you can volunteer 18 hours or higher a week, then the minimum is only six months. If you can do 22 hours a week, then it’s a five and a half month commitment. We are happy to fill out forms if needed for academic internships.

We believe we will become the most read Internet news site in the world. We bring top news stories, columns, editorials, multimedia, photos, videos and more from hundreds of sources to the public in a single location. We scan the Internet for high-quality material so people don’t have to. We are going to have a huge impact on making the world a better place.

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We are happy to provide references from our current, very happy volunteers, some of whom work at news jobs for places like NPR and the Baltimore Sun. You will be doing real stuff that directly impacts our front page. This is an excellent resume builder, and we are happy to give strong references to volunteers/interns who perform at a strong level. You will also be able to say you laid out and edited the front page of a national news site, and managed others in the process.

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Layout experience is preferred, but not required. Our software is incredibly easy to use. One of our past volunteers worked for ABC News, and she said she couldn’t believe how advanced, powerful and easy to use our software is. 

You are welcome to apply to do two different positions at the same time, as long as you meet the minimum hours for each one. For example, you can potentially be both a front page editor and grant writer if you do at least 21 hours total (15 for layout editor and 6 for grant writer.)

All volunteering is via the computer — you can be anywhere in the world.


We also have positions for —

Content editor (minimum 12 hours for a minimum of five months): Scan the Internet for high quality articles, columns, editorials, multimedia and videos, add them to our system, edit the headlines and summaries to meet our style guidelines, and rank them by quality. The front page editors pick from these to publish on the front page. Usually we have one content editor per shift in tandem with a front page editor. The person also might research facts if any facts are in question in a story we're running. This requires Internet surfing skills, strong understanding and judgment of the news, and attention to detail. Does not require knowledge of AP style or experience with layout.

Photography editor (minimum 10 hours for a minimum of seven months): Person must have an eye for photography to choose potential photos, crop them and add them to our content repository. This includes finding photos for possible use in the World in Photos section in the middle of the page, the main photo, the masthead photo and the Photo of the Day. You will also draft captions for the photos. You do not need photography experience (although it is preferred) and you do not need to know how to use photo software. We have a super-easy online photography tool that anyone can learn to use in five minutes. You must have a strong visual aesthetic sense and pay close attention to detail.

Copy editor/proofreader (minimum eight hours for a minimum of five months): Spend about forty-five minutes at different times during the week proofing the front page for corrections of all types — content, layout, etc., then submit them to the front page editor. Proofs take place every two to three hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. E.T. This position requires attention to detail, knowledge of AP style and solid knowledge of grammar.

Marketing (minimum five hours for a minimum of four months): Help research potential media outlets and blogs to cover our site, email our press releases, and keep track of coverage of our site that has occurred. We have an amazing website and need to get the word out about it. The places we have emailed so far have responded positively to us, and PBS’ Media Shift included us in their top 5 trends to watch. Also, we can track the number of visitors who come to us via different articles on us and links to us so will directly see the success of your efforts.

Promotion and community relations (minimum five hours for a minimum of four months): Help promote the website by posting fliers on public bulletin boards, and/or interacting with your local community and online communities such as forums, Facebook and Craigslist. No experience required.

Graphics / Graphic design (minimum five hours for a minimum of four months): This varies depending on what’s currently needed though includes a range of items from Web page design, to business cards, to icons to fliers. Some experience or prior training is required.

Grant writer/development (minimum six hours for a minimum of four months): Help write, edit and/or send grant proposals to foundations to secure funding for our site. We already have created 3 high quality grant proposals so there is a considerable amount of potential content that has already been written. Volunteer will also help research potential foundations to apply to, and draft/edit letters of inquiry to foundations.

Editorial assistant (minimum six hours for a minimum of five months): Help with various projects related to the site including  adding potential articles to our In Case You Missed It section, finding items for our quote of the day section, and various projects to improve the behind-the-scenes running of the site.


To apply, please email the following information to volunteer (at) dailysource (dot) org:

  • If you have a resume, please include it. If not, please describe your current work and the two most relevant past positions. Include your phone number and the city or town you’re in. If you have volunteered or interned before and have references for your work, please include those.
  • How many hours per week can you volunteer and what period of time (i.e., number of months) can you commit to? Also include what times (Eastern Time) on different days you would be available — we publish our site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The news never stops, not even for holidays. We tend to favor candidates who are able to volunteer a strong number of hours.
  • What areas you are interested in volunteering for, and why you think you would be talented at them. It is helpful if you are interested in more than one area, because it makes it more likely we can bring you on board even if one area is full. If you have a preference, let us know which one you are most interested in, and which are back-ups. 
  • Why are you interested in volunteering?
  • What type of Internet connection do you have (cable, DSL, dial-up)?
  • Please let us know anything else you think would be useful.

Best regards,

Rachel Wright
Executive Editor

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