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September 19, 2014

Company: LLC
Industry: Online Media
Experience: None
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
October 04, 2013
Job ID: 1278055

Online Media Internship LLC, publisher of the non- commercial website, offers several Online Media internships working with our new NowComment® document discussion software. This is a great opportunity for anyone seeking a wide variety of experiences with new media and social media product development.

Intern Duties

  1. Help manage and write material for social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  2. Contribute to the development and testing of new software features.
  3. Write and produce video screencasts.
  4. Write user documentation and training materials
  5. Depending on your interests and talents, involvement in graphic design, customer training, and other ongoing projects.

Important Aspects of the Internship

  • Online work environment (geographic and schedule flexibility). The program is structured for email and web communications; interns work from school or home anywhere in the country on the days (and times of day) that work best for them. Twelve hours per week is the minimum time commitment during the school year, and twenty hours the minimum during shorter summer breaks.

  • All work is high level and challenging; there are no clerical, administrative, or other 'scut work` duties.

  • The internships are unpaid, but many interns arrange to receive academic and/or service learning credits for their work through their Career Center or faculty advisor. is happy to coordinate with such programs.


  • Excellent writing, editing, and verbal communications skills.
  • Journalism, English, and Media Studies coursework or experience is a significant plus but not required.
  • Self-reliant work ethic; most of the work is project-oriented that you'll do independently or in small workgroups.

For More Information

The Internship Application is at:

About us: LLC publishes the information clearinghouse website covering the gamut of fairness-related issues: public policy, consumer protection, family and workplace relationships, professional ethics, international relations, etc. NowComment® is a web-based collaboration tool that visually organizes comments about a document and lets group members conduct threaded discussions on any sentence and paragraph. NowComment has been extensively tested at the University of Virginia, whose SHANTI office is recommending and supporting its use campus-wide as a core instructional tool starting in Fall 2011.

Please send any questions or inquiries about our internship programs or site to:

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