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October 1, 2014

Toonari News & Media
Industry: Online Media
Experience: None
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
April 14, 2013
Job ID: 1248358


Do you like the rush of adrenaline? Are you excited about boarding down the side of a mountain, bar-spinning on a BMX, or simply gliding through the air, just you and a wingsuit? Toonari Media is seeking aspiring Sports Writers to focus on Skateboarding, BMX, Motocross, Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing and other Extreme Sports. Writers can write about one or multiple sports and have a large amount of creative freedom on the topics and opinions in each article. Write about your knowledge or firsthand experience, also schedule and conduct interviews with athletes. Responsibilities: - Write engaging Extreme Sports articles and opinion pieces, covering Events, Competitions, News Features, New Products, Reviews, Biographies, etc. - Schedule and lead interviews - Gather sports research to support articles - Collaborate with fellow writers on team coverage events Requirements: - Interest in Extreme Sports and can write articles with flair - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Must sound like an authority and an enthusiast on the topic

Please be aware, that our internship program is unpaid, however, below are some benefits of interning with us:

Fun, Laid-back team, extremely flexible, no daily driving (Virtual) If you are interested, you will have the opportunity to learn/ gain hands-on experience of the following: • Social Media Platforms & Tools • Online Journalism • Topic & Trend Research • Article writing, Writing Style & User Experience (Digital Space) • Interviews (Scheduling and Conducting Interviews) • Event planning (film screenings, awards shows, other events) • WordPress • Social Media Networking • Mobile Marketing • Mobile News Platforms • Mobile Platform Development & Planning • Paid Search • SEO • Display Advertising • Analytical Platforms (Google Analytics, Omniture Products)

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