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September 19, 2014

Toonari News & Media
Industry: Magazines/Publishing
Experience: None
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
April 14, 2013
Job ID: 1248356

We offer several different kinds of internships: Writing, Interviewing, pod casting and Social Media Networking. You also might be interested in doing video work or pieces on cinema, art, sports, culture; this could include VIP press passes for screenings, sports, music events and film festivals in the Tri-State area. We need a little bit of everything to help cultivate your strengths and promote your creative voice and ideas. You also might be interested in doing pieces on cinema, art, culture; this could include VIP press passes for screenings, music events, and film festivals in your area.

Please be aware, that our internship program is unpaid, however, below are some benefits of interning with us:

Fun, Laid-back team, extremely flexible, no daily driving (Virtual)

You can visit our website: or contact me directly at: If you are interested, you will have the opportunity to learn the following: • Social Media Platforms & Tools • Online Journalism • Topic & Trend Research • Article writing, Writing Style & User Experience (Digital Space) • Interviews (Scheduling and Conducting Interviews) • Event planning (film screenings, awards shows, other events) • WordPress • Social Media Networking • Mobile Marketing • Mobile News Platforms • Mobile Platform Development & Planning • Paid Search • SEO • Display Advertising • Analytical Platforms (Google Analytics, Omniture Products)

Thank You, Sherol Ziegenbein

Editor-in-Chief, Toonari News and Media Web: Email:

Contact e-mail: