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September 30, 2014

Toonari News and Media
Industry: Online Media
Experience: Intern/Part-time
Salary: Unpaid
Ad Expires:
March 12, 2013
Job ID: 1240172

Toonari News & Media, LLC is an equal opportunity employer (EOE)

We aim to act as the stepping-stone between you and advancement in your chosen field; providing a refreshing alternative to other boring, tedious and way too restrictive internship programs. We will help you gain an understanding of the concepts and skills that will equip you for meaningful online advertising career that can advance civic life globally and across cultures. Speaking of cultures, we cater to all walks of life across an extensive selection of industries: students, or young professionals; simply anyone looking for a challenge or to enliven their resume.

This internship is unpaid. However it requires no relocation, as it is totally virtual (internet based). There are several different areas you may want to dabble in as well. Many of these go hand in hand and you may need to know a little about one to fully understand the other.

• Social Media Platforms & Tools • Online Journalism • Topic & Trend Research • Article writing, Writing Style & User Experience (Digital Space) • Interviews (Scheduling and Conducting Interviews) • Event planning (film screenings, awards shows, other events) • WordPress • Social Media Networking • Mobile Marketing • Mobile News Platforms • Mobile Platform Development & Planning • Paid Search • SEO • Display Advertising • Analytical Platforms (Google Analytics, Omniture Products)

You will be trained by individuals who have worked for Top fortune 100 companies. We are adamant about our interns learning as well as enjoying the experience that's why we encourage interns to stay on-board for at least 3 months. Our trainings are scheduled around the convenience of our interns and consist of 1 to 4 trainings per week depending on the interns needs,knowledge and availability. The trainings are facilitated by 3 of our staff members who are experts on the subject matters listed above.

Description of Duties: -Schedule appointments with prospective advertisers -Assist during appointments and sales presentations -Provide advertising input -Follow-up on sales calls and emails -Researching prospective customers -Schedule interviews with entertainment figures, politicians, etc

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